Bridging the gap between DevSecOps and Process Management

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a discipline in a software development lifecycle process (SDLC) focused on tight collaboration between Development…

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Change Management

Can You Implement DevOps in Large Organizations?

DevOps: Trying to modernize workflows through DevOps can be a challenge for any company, but there are different challenges, risks,…

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Open Source Innovation

Securing Third-Party and Open Source Code Components: A Primer

DevOps: The increasing popularity of open source code continues to be a boon for developers across the industry, allowing them…

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Productivity and Scalability

Why Financial Companies Should Embrace Automated Testing

  DevOps: The drive to deliver new functionality to customers faster is being felt across every industry, and especially so…

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Digital Transformation

A beginner’s guide to scaling DevOps

  Atlassian: Over the years “DevOps” has become quite the buzzword. It’s been used to describe culture changes, automation, change…

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Drive Productivity and Efficiency

4 Atlassian tips to bring your service and development teams together

We’ve been hard at work for over 15 years building software to help you collaborate better. But if you work on an…

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