Bridging the gap between DevSecOps and Process Management

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a discipline in a software development lifecycle process (SDLC) focused on tight collaboration between Development…

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Open Source Innovation

Securing Third-Party and Open Source Code Components: A Primer

DevOps: The increasing popularity of open source code continues to be a boon for developers across the industry, allowing them…

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Analytics and Insight

Debit Card Skimming and Fraud

Tibco: This March, in Indonesia we had a hard wake-up call: debit card skimmers are still at large. We found…

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Big Data Management

Cyber Security Data – Too Much is Just as Bad as Not Enough

Talend: Over the past ten years, we have seen a tremendous increase in enterprise-level security products that help organizations find, mitigate and…

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Drive Productivity and Efficiency

Why Your Businesses Need a Single Sign-On (SSO)?

By iZeno Every organisation is sprinting to meet customer expectations before their competitors steal the light by embracing the fast…

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