Over the last two weeks, iZeno alongside our partner – Atlassian hosted a series of workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The theme of these workshops was to “Discover DevOps with Atlassian” and our experts, Deddy Johari and Priska Aprilia presented on the topics of DevOps and ITSM to our audiences.

Delivering the agenda for the Singapore Session


The main objective of these events was to engage our audiences and give insight into leveraging Atlassian DevOps products for increased team synergy and ITSM efficiency.


Deddy Speaking to a full crowd in Indonesia

Our first solution session was headed by our DevOps expert, Deddy Johari who spoke about utilizing Atlassian software to redefine teams for increased synergy and efficiency.


Deddy presenting to our Malaysian audience


Deddy discussed the challenges that Development and Operations teams face when working within the DevOps environment and how Atlassian products can be utilized to alleviate the difficulty that comes with organizing multiple teams cooperate flexibly. Deddy also discussed how Atlassian’s speed, resolution, and prioritization were what set it apart from other technologies in creating an efficient DevOps pipeline


Our Expert, Priska addressing the audience in Malaysia


Our Second Session was delivered by Priska and was focused on transforming existing ITSM processes to be a Lean Service Management with Atlassian solutions.


A full venue in Jakarta 


Priska’s session was aimed at showcasing how iZeno’s approach to ITSM with Atlassian products combined the best qualities of Agile, Lean and ITIL. During the presentation, Priska also mentioned how Atlassian’s customer-focused nature gave users the power needed for efficient self-service.

Before ending with a Q&A session, Priska’s session also included a live product demo to give audiences a grasp on the software’s functions in real time.


  • A full venue in Malaysia 


Closing Statements 

Our events in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were largely successful. Our audiences were engaged and we were able to discuss and share insights regarding DevOps and ITSM.

We would finally like to thank Deddy and Priska for sharing their knowledge, the events would not have been possible without their expertise


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iZeno, with proven expertise in DevOps, Agile Development, and Service Management, has joined the Atlassian  Partner Program as a Platinum Partner. iZeno has displayed the highest standards for consulting, implementation and training services for the Atlassian product suite in a wide array of different industries across the globe.

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