Last September, Atlassian’s Head of Server, Cameron Deatsch, held an open question forum on our community site to address your important questions regarding the future of our self-hosted solutions. We received great feedback from this session, and in keeping with our company value of openness, we want to keep this conversation going. We’d like to share with you the investments we’re making by giving you insight into what’s coming with your Atlassian products.

Jira Software Server and Data Center

The future of Jira is looking bright with a powerful mobile app and another Enterprise release in the works. Here are a few things we’re excited to ship and highlights from recent releases in Jira Software Server and Data Center:

  • Jira Server mobile: With the mobile app for Jira, users can stay connected with their work, get updates on important tickets, and search for important information. Check out the Jira Server mobile app beta to take the app for a test drive.
  • Enterprise release: We recognize that it’s critical for large customers to have early notice of Enterprise releases, which is why we have designated version 8.5 (releasing later this year) to be the next Enterprise release. Another change we’re making to ease the planning process is certifying the feature release, so you don’t have to wait until a subsequent bug fix release to take action. Check out this post for the latest update or this page for general information about Enterprise releases.
  • Flexible boards: You can now resize the ‘Issue details’ panel as you see fit, and we’ve added horizontal scrolling to boards with many columns so everything fits nicely, even on small screens. If you haven’t seen the new flexible boards in 8.1 yet, be sure to check out the release notes here.

  • Better email notifications: Fight inbox overflow with better email notifications that shipped in 8.0. You now have the ability to group issue updates, comments, and edits made within 10 minutes into a single email. Soon, we’ll also be providing admins with more time delay options and the ability to control email notifications for your users.
  • 8.0 platform release recap: Get details on other improvements like decreased load times and new advanced search options released in 8.0 here.
  • Issue archiving (Data Center only): Archiving whole projects can be too broad, especially when you have really large or long-lived projects. This is why we expanded on project archiving by adding issue archiving in 8.1. Admins can now archive individual issues with either bulk actions or via an API. Customers will also be able to export a list of their archived issues and related issue data. We’re not done yet – we will be extending the functionality to include archive browsing soon.


Data Center

We’ve heard your requests for high availability and performance, and we’re happy to announce we are working on the following features to help you manage your users and data at scale across Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Bitbucket Data Center.

  • CDN support: To support better performance for distributed teams, we are introducing content delivery network (CDN) support for our core Data Center offerings. By enabling CDN support, you can accelerate the experience of your remote users as they interact with the UI of our products and reduce peak load on your primary application instances. You can use any CDN you want or a reverse proxy setup. We’ll also provide easy integration with AWS CloudFront in updated quick start templates.
  • Support for Amazon Aurora: High availability is one of the core promises of Data Center, and we’ll be enhancing that value by introducing support for Amazon Aurora as our first supported highly available database across all of our core Data Center offerings.

  • Improved AWS and Azure templates: More than 35% of Data Center instances are deployed on a major cloud platform today, and we know this is the future for many of our enterprise customers. Scale your deployment quickly and minimize overhead with new AWS and Azure templates for Data Center. These templates are full of best practices from Atlassian, AWS, and Azure, with recommended guidelines for achieving optimal performance, resiliency, and security. You can pick from quick-start templates with pre-set defaults or customizable templates built to support your organization’s unique environment.
  • Data Center app improvements: We now have more than 380 Data Center approved apps on the Marketplace, including 85% of the top 100 apps that are currently used by our customers. Plus, we’ve found that customers who are are running a Data Center approved app are 18% less likely to raise a critical support issue. We’ll continue to expand this program to bring more apps on board and help vendors deliver more secure, higher-quality applications.


We hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of Atlassian Server and Data Center. We’ll continue to share our future plans with you, so you can do what you do best: keep your teams running smoothly and efficiently.

In the meantime, check out updates coming to other products and share your feedback here on the Atlassian Community.

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