Offering Customer Service with Intuition

Enabling Effective Cross-sell with World's Leading Hotel and Residences Chain

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Broad Customer Base yet Ineffective Cross-Selling

The majority of our Client’s customers are business travellers, many of whom are committed for a long stay.

On daily basis, their customer data were documented in an ad-hoc environment, in which customer particulars were incomplete and not valuable for further engagement. As a result of cummulative operational inefficiency and management practice, our Clients are unable to effectively cross-sell their properties despite its global presence and having a huge pool the customer base.

Our Approach:

Customer service
with intuition

Lead-time savings

Improved cross-selling

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Higher Turnover when Anticipating Customer Needs.

iZeno offer a complete enterprise solution which has helped them to achieve a leaner sale process, cutting 60% of the former lead time.

The required data input is now 100% accurate due to a proper rule designed, hence enable valuable insights to be generated for sale purposes.

Being able to track progress made to each customer engagement, allow our Client to monitor property on demand and allocate resources accordingly to reach their revenue target. This approach has contributed 30% higher to their customer turnover rate.

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

How did our client achieve their business objective?

We re-engineer their sales processes to improve cross selling behaviour across multiple properties. Additionally, we implement SugarCRM as the primary solution, which we integrate with their Property Management System to deliver customer insights to their business units such as Accounts Managers and Management, Account Planning, Sales Activity Management and Opportunity Management to collaboratively drive revenue targets.

The following Services and Solution that were engaged:
  • iZeno service of business process re-engineering
  • iZeno service of SugarCRM customisation
  • iZeno service of technology implementation and integration for SugarCRM, Sugar Mobile and Property Management System (existing system)