Asia’s Leading Luxury Watch Retailer migrates ERP from on-premise to AWS Cloud

A leading luxury watch retail group with over 40 stores across nine key cities of Asia Pacific Region.

An omnichannel strategy, along with digital presence, persistently plays a critical role in the retail industry. Operating in a dynamic environment, while dealing with seasonal retail market behavior, the company identified the opportunity to leverage technologies as a critical differentiator to stay relevant and competitive as a market leader. Embarking on the Digital Transformation journey takes on a complex set of processes and was caught in Digital Dilemma when it comes to the method of hosting its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

The on-premise deployment has been inefficient regarding internal resources allocation and management. In a fast-paced industry where consumer holds more bargaining power, the inefficiency limits the company’s ability to respond to market demand in real-time, resulting in high opportunity cost to value creation. When considering Cloud Innovation as the solution, while highly favored, the company is concerned about the security and compliance aspects, which may pose a threat to data protection. Additional to the security concern, the following challenges were recognized:

  • Hosting the ERP on-premise is not cost-effective and non-scalable
  • Minimizing information silos between Multiple FortiGate devices across regional outlets and Head Quarter (HQ) together with the ERP systems
  • Reduce Capital Expenditure
  • No disaster recovery
  • No prior experience with cloud

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Consulting partner, iZeno recognized the importance of providing reassurance that the proposed solutions have been carefully architected with best-of-breed technology. To mitigate the concerns on security, iZeno has reassured that Amazon Web Services (AWS) had been well known and awarded as an industry leader for Cloud Security best-in-class customer support. Additionally, we offered Managed Services that include iZeno on-going management of AWS infrastructure and monthly reporting. The following solution stack has been designed specially to solve the case of the company:

  • AWS EC2 Compute Engine, to run multiple ERP workloads
  • Multi-site VPN allows secure connectivity between retail outlets to AWS Singapore
  • Reserved instances for Production workloads, on-demand instances for UAT workloads
  • Automation using AWS Lambda, APIs and Cloudwatch for monitoring and backup

iZeno focused on solving issues that matter to the customer according to its business requirements. The following discussed the benefits realized through the deployment of solutions.

High Availability

Leveraging on AWS Cloud Technologies allows the systems to meet up to 99.95% of system availability, as the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are reduced using automation, regular snapshots capability and detailed monitoring.

Operational Agility

AWS allows customers to scale their instances, according to defined conditions easily. Customers can scale-up of Amazon EC2 instances during seasonal demand spikes to maintain performance and scale-down during lulls to reduce costs.

Improved Collaboration

The secure connectivity between outlets, Customer’ HQ, and the ERP system on the cloud has enabled centralized real-time control over resources, such as inventory and customer updates. The cloud-based technology creates connectivity, hence making collaboration less complicated for both enterprise managers and the staff.

Optimization and Prioritised Resources

iZeno AWS Cloud Managed Services enable customers to reduce their expenditure on operational overhead and risk. Services include activities such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, backup services, and full lifecycle services to provision, run, and support the infrastructure. The bundled services allow customers to be hands-free on system maintenance and focus on other business priority that requires more considerable attention.

Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS

iZeno is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

iZeno has achieved AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its AWS Partner Network (APN) program. AWS has recognized iZeno for gaining the vital certifications and accreditations across its team of cloud architects and engineers, driving AWS solutions deployments — and delivering outstanding client experiences through digital transformation.

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