AWS Cloud for Leading International Hospitality Brand

Best practice architecture for web hosting and optimization to ensure a high level of performance and scalability.

Headquartered in Singapore, our customer is a leading international hospitality brand that manages and develops premium resorts, hotels, and spas. Facilitating operations and providing a tangible touchpoint for prospective customers, web-based services assist a multitude of mission-critical operations in the hospitality industry.

With over two million visits per year, our client’s aging web infrastructure- surges in user traffic effectively crippled their web services and thus resulted in poor customer experience. Inefficient system served to limit their ability to meet consumer expectations, resulting in poor incoming revenue and high operational costs.

As an advanced level Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner, we understand the need to implement best practice architecture to ensure the highest standards of performance and security. iZeno highlighted the fact that AWS was an industry leader for Cloud Security, featuring world-class customer support and assistance.

Our solution was to implement Amazon CloudFront to enable strong website performance, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for processing across the platform, and Auto Scaling to reduce latency and improve website scalability. iZeno Managed Services provided our customers with routine health check reports, cost optimization services, Trend Micro Deep Security, and system patch maintenance services.

iZeno was engaged primarily to design and implement best practice architecture for web hosting and optimization to ensure the highest levels of website performance and security. The following points discuss the benefits realized as a result of the implemented solutions.

Increased scaling ability and reduced time to market:

As a result of the new AWS infrastructure, our client was able to reduce latency and improve the scalability of their websites, ultimately resulting in a system that was better equipped to handle surges in user traffic, leading to a more consistent and reliable user experience and reducing time to market from one month to less than one week.

Decreased Costs:

In addition to our implementing and migrating our client’s operations to AWS, our managed services provided a host of useful benefits such as cost optimisation procedures and routine health check reports which led to a 30% decrease in operational costs.

Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS

iZeno is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

iZeno has achieved AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its AWS Partner Network (APN) program. AWS has recognized iZeno for gaining the vital certifications and accreditations across its team of cloud architects and engineers, driving AWS solutions deployments — and delivering outstanding client experiences through digital transformation.

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