Data Platform for Financial Services Provider with Talend Big Data and Cloudera Data Platform

Best Practice of data management services architecture

Our client needed to better understand their customers and be able to extend the correct services to the right customers at the right time. They also wanted to be empowered to make real-time decisions and react swiftly to market dynamics.

Our clienr’s existing setup was not able to extend federated views of their financial and customer information due to data silos. In addition, data collection for analyses required time and this rendered the acquired data ineffective for impactful decision making. These challenges were further exacerbated by rapidly growing demands from the business.

Our Approach

As a gold partner of Talend, we understand the need to implement best practice of data management services architecture to ensure the highest standards of performance. In order to have such capabilities, our client determined it was crucial to have a unified and up-to-date data for analytics and predictive reporting purposes. They consulted iZeno for over two years and finally concurred with having us carry out an initial review to assess and determine the gaps and deficiencies of their existing architecture and data flows. Upon completion of the assessment, Our client eventually agreed that our proposal encapsulated all of their requirements. 

How did our client achieve their business objective?

As per our client’s business requirements, iZeno team worked on root cause analysis and designed solution architecture according to their needs. Our team also assists the client to migrate their existing analytics platform to the new data lake platform. It helps our client to have a more complete and holistic view when extracting the analytical data. Besides, real-time streaming pipelines have been developed to ensure relevant data to be delivered to the new data lake platform. With the implementation of Talend and Cloudera solutions, the required time to collect data for analysis is shortened and improves real-time decision-making.

iZeno is a Gold Partner of Talend

iZeno, with proven expertise in Data Integration and API Integration, has joined the Talend Partner Program as a Gold Partner. iZeno has demonstrated the highest standards of certified consulting, implementation and training services for the Talend product suite for different industries across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.