One of the Largest Banks in Indonesia Accelerating Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

Digital Transformation for Microfinance

Our client is one of the largest banks in Indonesia and is committed to increasing financial inclusions. They specialize in applying digital banking to facilitate microfinance lending across its network of over 10,000 branches. Their vision to speed up the acceleration of Digital Transformation in their legacy system leads iZeno and Google Cloud to work together to transform our client from a legacy into a digital future. Covid-19 pandemic has impacted a lot on our client’s business process into the adaption digital world in the Bank area.

Our Approach

The company decided to increase the competency of Small and Medium Business (SMB) in Indonesia with Google technology by sharpening their capacity, knowledge and intensifying the digital distribution of microfinance loans through cloud and Artificial Intelligence technology with Google. iZeno capability in application modernization, cloud management and DevOps consultancy is the right fit for this initiative and shaping the cloud journey for our client.

How did our client achieve their business objective?

Tailoring existing technology with Google Cloud

Our team of experts tailoring our client’s existing technology with Google Cloud technology. We provided a set of approaches for our client to accelerate the deal timeline and increase the level of trust from the client. As our client was dedicated to improving customer experience, our team has provided solutions and support to help them to accelerate financial inclusion across the country. Besides, our client has successfully transformed into one of the best digital banks with its adoption of the digital environment and implemented innovative digital strategy. 

iZeno is a Google Cloud Partner in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines

As a regional Google Partner, iZeno team experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to help clients get started by conducting discovery workshops for Users (business and IT) and administrators. Building, deploying, and scaling applications is faster and simpler on a fully managed development platform. iZeno and Google Cloud Platform help organizations from managing infrastructure to allow organizations to focus on building amazing applications that engage and delight their users.