iZeno plays a key role in Bank BRI’s Cloud and Open API strategy

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Bank BRI) is the oldest and one of the largest banks in the country providing banking and financial services, and the biggest microfinance lender for micro and small and medium enterprises. Bank BRI is one of several banks that has received regulatory approval to operate as a digital bank. By moving into digital banking, Bank BRI sees an opportunity to serve a larger population and accelerate financial inclusion across Indonesia. 

Bank BRI’s digital transformation success can be attributed to two key approaches:

  • Digitize – executing on business process transformation which enables the bank to improve efficiency, and productivity and ensure a better customer experience.
  • Digital (for example, Ceria, BRI API/Open Banking) – developing new business models, new disruptive products and generating new revenue streams.

Download our Success Story to know how our team of experts was able to tailor Bank BRI’s existing technology with Google Cloud technology. 

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