New Credit Reporting Solution for One of Indonesia's Largest Banks

Our client successfully launched the Financial Information Reporting Management System (“FIRMS”), a platform that assists other local banking institutions in carrying out and delivering mandatory customer credit reports

Our client had extensive amounts of data but their current analytics and reporting processes were largely inefficient and incohesive

That led to a lot of misunderstandings and arguments because each of their isolated silos had independently developed their own ways of reading and understanding data. This created unacceptable lags in decision-making and did not provide a platform upon which our client could build a competitive edge in the market.

Consolidate the data

Standardize the operations and communications of their silos

Implement smarter analytics and reporting methods

Change through real-time engagement

We worked to support our client’s compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standard 9. This meant implementing prcedures for the efficient delivery of accounting reports to the company’s headquarters. To achieve this, we implemented new processes – customer behavior and fraud detection as well as other advanced applications.

Under the first use case, the platform is being used to build a 360-degree profile of customers in a bid to better understand their behavior and recommend products or services they might like based on propensity modelling. This converts a customer’s real time activity into real-time marketing opportunities for the bank and is already paying dividends.

How did our client achieve their business objective?

Smarter analytics and reporting capabilities that makes full use of their data
  • New data solution delivers robust capacity and scalability to cover both current and future data generation volume.
  • New, unified data management system enables accurate tracking and mapping of information.
  • Data mapping is seamless, enabling foresight on emerging trends, capacity, and administration
  • Efficient maintenance and support personnel keep the system running smoothly while our clientreceives updates in real-time
  • Actionable business intelligence to be generated continuously using new data technologies.
Success Factors

The firm partnership with Bank Danamons leadership and working teams coupled with a carefully thought-of solution design and implementation of delivery processes, enabled us to achieve optimum results that aligned with stipulated budgets and timelines. It also allowed us to accomplish better and faster results whilst alleviating the risks of repeatable tasks.