iZeno alongside Google Cloud hosted an event in Singapore based on the theme of Data Intelligence

The main objective of our event was to engage our audiences and give insights into how Google Cloud is reimagining Big Data analytics. During the event, our experts delivered presentations aimed at showing attendees how to:

  • Integrate and managie large volumes of historical and real-time data using a secure, agile warehouse
  • Transform data into insights with machine learning models and AI
  • Improve data-driven decision-making using scalable, end-to-end solutions
  • Implement secure, cloud-based, advanced analytics solutions―with speed, intelligence and foresight


Carl delivering his session

After our opening, our first session was delivered by Carl Kharazmi who spoke about how Google Cloud and machine learning at scale. Carl spoke about a range of topics from scaling ML to setting up advanced workflows with GC. Carl’s topics were highly insightful and gave an inside look at how the Google Cloud Platform approaches the various issues and nuances that users may encounter as well as GCP’s capabilities for uses such as visual learning, etc.

To conclude his session, Carl explored a variety of use cases based on Google Cloud’s capabilities.


Albert showing demos during his presentation

After a break, Albert Law, our in-house expert began his session by looking back at the history of data storage and analytics. Albert then explored some of the revolutions in data technology that have paved the way for our current technologies and explained how these shifts in mindset have allowed data analytics process to flourish and generate value for businesses. After exploring some of the history behind analytics, Albert presented a few demos on GCP and gave use cases that would be common situations that audience members would encounter.

A wide view of our audience

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