In the gaming industry, land-based casinos have solely catered to the needs of gamblers all over the world for decades. Players have always preferred the glitz and glamour of traditional casinos until online gaming sites storm the market. What could make players prefer a night in gambling on virtual sites than the buzzing atmosphere of an actual casino?

One of the reasons online gambling platforms are ahead in the gambling industry is their ability to effectively collect vital customer information. These gambling sites store and synchronize these invaluable details with reward programs they offer through the use of Big Data. Land-based casinos can also benefit from this marketing practice by incorporating this vital change agent into their routine.

Due to the high level of competition, land-based casinos want to collect and update important customer data in real time. These data can be used to establish a two-way profitable relationship between players and the casino. In addition to providing services and hospitality that leaves a lasting impression on players’ memories, casinos want to be able to maintain intimate contact with customers and promote new products through multi-channel contact centres.

Here are ways casinos can ameliorate customer relationship and reap its benefits with the use of a CRM system.

Establishes Strong Links Between the Company and Customers

Good customer relationship is a competitive advantage most businesses strive to have. However, a strong client relationship is built on customer satisfaction. One of the vital ways casinos can surpass clients’ expectation is by finding out their pain points and tailoring products to suit these needs. A CRM system allows land-based casinos to gather detailed profiles on millions of visitors and then using this intelligence to manage relationships.

Facilitates Strategic Marketing

A dynamic way to retain clients’ interests is by continually announcing new products and services through diverse channels. Casinos that effectively inform their customers about newly added games, promotions and loyalty programs through customized messages tend to be ahead of counterparts who wait for clients to visit before offering them new inclusions. Normally, these processes involve several hours of manual sorting and gives room for errors and omission.

CRM systems facilitate targeted advertisements via automated communication channels such as push messages, emails and SMS. In addition, CRM synchronizes all departments and updates information which will then be useful to customer-facing employees.

Logs Real-time Information on Client’s behaviour and Spending

Casinos need to keep relevant and up-to-date records on all the players that walk into their gaming halls and lodging facilities. This starts from when a customer swipes their card at the front desk or any point of sale within the gaming facility. Information acquired from these transactions can be stored in a reliable database and later used in for helpful statistics.

Casinos are able to get the accurate number of players for each game they offer and sort the high rollers from standard players. Information derived from each customer’s activities and purchases are also backed-up and provided to all departments when needed.

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Aids Dispersion of Customer Reward Programs

In the gaming world, personalized bonus programs are awarded based on eligibility. However, scouring through massive entries to detect client’s worth and the bonus percentage they deserve can be time-consuming when it is done manually. A sophisticated CRM system uses already stored data to automatically award bonuses, instant prizes or loyalty programs each customer are entitled to in real time. Also, customers are informed about their rewards through multi-channel messaging.

Allows Staff Easy Access to Database

There is nothing that guarantees fast and easy productivity than easy to access to needed information. Essentially, all employees need access to some sort of information to carry out their task. A CRM system includes all departments and employees in a plan that ensures easy availability of data. In a casino environment, CRM puts authorized information at the fingertips of receptionists, hotel attendants, sales team and others.

CRM for Growth and Productivity

Businesses have always implemented customer relationship management (CRM) through traditional sales, marketing and customer relation strategies. These archaic methods gave no room for flexibility and restricted the company’s reach to “customer-facing” employees. Also, storing and updating massive data on ever-growing clients required tedious and time-taking processes.

With the invention of Big Data technologies, Customer Relationship Management amongst other business strategies has significantly improved. Several industries are starting to grasp the importance of sophisticated CRM software and how it can simplify customer interaction and ultimately lead to more productivity and business growth.

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