In the fast-paced world of today, we take many things for granted. Delivery services now commonplace and we have come to expect fast service and even faster turnarounds in business. Our world is so interconnected that we are swamped with options for food, phones and everything in between. Business is no exception.

As a business player, to compete in the current competitive market where consumers have a plethora of options, it has become the top priority for companies not only to make sure their product and brand stand out among the competitors but to retain their existing customers as well.

The availability of information and current consumer trends means that It is no longer sufficient for CRM software to just keep track of basic customer information such as the Date of Birth, Email address and Contact number. Customers are becoming increasingly fast moving and business need to be able to keep up.

In a society where information is as valuable as gold, you need to leverage a CRM solution that gives you the most comprehensive view into your audience groups.

With SugarCRM, you can get a 360 view of a customer regarding the following:

  • Customer Profile
  •  Purchase History
  • Payment History
  • Activity Logs
  •  Loyalty Transactions
  •  Service Desk

By knowing this, you can get a better view of your audiences and this will lead to a much easier time in    understanding the spending behavior of the customers

  • Segregating the customers according to their spending power
  • Running marketing campaigns based on targeted customer segments
  • Running loyalty programs to reward customers

By understanding the needs of your customers, you can get a good idea of how to deliver the most value to them. For example, knowing an audience’s previous purchases and payment history allows a business to tailor marketing material centered on the needs of these audiences

With SugarCRM, you have the software at your fingertips to gain the greatest insights to your audience. These insights can be used for targeted marketing and sales initiatives that give you the best chances to generate leads and ultimately, sales.

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