The Insurtech Connect Asia roadshow, held in Kuala Lumpur on 24 August 2022, saw a record participation of more than 185 stakeholders. iZeno and SugarCRM were privileged to be the Thought Leadership Sponsors of the event. 

The panel discussions and presentations saw interesting discussions around the future growth trajectory, innovation, and digital transformation of the insurance industry in Malaysia.

Benny Ng, iZeno’s Co-founder and Director (Business Applications), also shared our experience of creating a great customer experience for a global insurance company using SugarCRM solutions.

Benny Ng highlighted the main CX challenges that the customer was earlier facing, including: 

  • Misaligned case management as a result of the lack of a single view of requests and responses as well as streamlined information sharing. 
  • Disparate data and systems that generate duplicates, discrepancies as well as other blindspots that can hinder the organisation from serving customers well.
  • Incomplete customer views that compromise the effective delivery of personalised services for customers. 

He then shared how iZeno configured and deployed a Customer Service Management Platform using SugarCRM. This platform empowered the service agents with a 360° view of all their customers and delivered the following business benefits to the organisation:

  • Faster Response – Reduction in customer complaints and our response times to customers.
  • Seamless Integration – Integration of SugarCRM with back-office systems enable a well-rounded view of customer.
  • Streamlined Operations – Smooth workflow and progress. Cut out manual work and multiple emails when addressing customer requests.
  • Steady Stream of Reliable Data – Single view of customer information all within one single.

In the fast-moving world of today, an insurance customer wants to be heard and to be known. When we respond to customers the way they need us to, delivering services and experiences to them that they didn’t even know they wanted will be where our battleground for high-definition customer experience is.

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