On February 28, 2023, iZeno, alongside our partners Atlassian and Elastic, hosted an event in Bangkok. 

The theme of this event was “ITSM, Cloud Migration, and AIOps with Atlassian and Elastic.” The objective of this sharing session was to allow participants to explore what ITSM and Cloud Migration are, how they drive business value for an organization, how the Atlassian ITSM tool can aid and improve the collaboration of Dev, Ops and Business teams, and why an organization needs AIOps as part of their observability strategy.

The event opened with Adrian Fonseca, Atlassian’s APAC ITSM Head of Channel, Muhammad Fahad, Senior Project Manager, from iZeno, Ajay Kushwaha, Director of Solutions Architecture from Elastic ASEAN, Scott Goh-Davis, APAC Head of Solutions Engineering from Atlassian, and Leonard Winata, Application Development Manager from iZeno.

Adrian begins his presentation by highlighting High Velocity ITSM with Jira Service Management. He also explained what IT service management (ITSM) is and why an organization needs ITSM services, as well as ESM (Enterprise Service Management). He explained the constraints of traditional ITSM— inflexible to dynamic businesses, reinforcing knowledge silos, imposing friction across teams, and time-consuming or costly—and how Atlassian solves the problem with traditional ITSM platforms.

He also highlighted that Atlassian’s approach to service management considers the important flow of work in an organization in order to improve team collaboration and visibility and eventually begin to realize an improved flow of work.

Besides, he also emphasized why Atlassian was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for IT Service Management Platforms. It is mainly because Atlassian’s mission has always been to provide organizations with “a single platform that connects development, I&O, and business teams.” This recognition by Gartner is a validation of Atlassian’s unique approach and vision for the future of service management. Furthermore, he also explained why Atlassian was named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Service Management, 2021, receiving the highest score for strategy in the entire evaluation.

He further explained that legacy ITSM tools do not allow for organizations to deliver High Velocity ITSM and how JSM is unique in its ability to connect Dev, Infrastructure & Operations, and Business teams on the same platform, allowing for all teams to be connected and for a continuous release cycle. He ended his presentation by explaining Service Management use cases: ITSM Transformation and Modernization, Modernize Enterprise IT Operations and Enterprise Service Management for all teams (SM4A).

Muhammad Fahad, our Senior Project Manager, emphasized High Velocity ITSM and some case studies. He started his presentation with a Jira Service Management Demo Overview: Unified Help, High Velocity Operations, Streamlined Changes, Learn, Share, and Improve.

He also shared the first use case about IT support and showed everyone how easy it is to use the Atlassian self-service portal, find the relevant help, which in return helps with deflection, frees up agents to do more productive and mission-critical tasks, and gives the team visibility into their tasks and helps them meet targets with a happy end user experience. His second use case was about High Velocity Operations – Full Visibility of Issues, Recover Fast, Facilitated Learning and Unify Service Teams.

He further highlighted that iZeno enables its customers to accelerate Operational Excellence and Business Agility with Atlassian. He ended his presentation by explaining the User Onboarding Service Request, Service Management with Asset Management & CMDB, Spin up a new environment provisioning request with Automation and Change Enablement in DevOps, and how iZeno, as the first Atlassian ITSM specialized partner in APAC, is able to kick-start the transformation journey and put all the ideas into action.

Ajay Kushwaha from Elastic began his presentation by defining AIOps and discussing the connections between AIOps and observability. He also emphasized that Elastic is a search company that focuses on speed, scale, and relevance in everything it does. He also briefed us on their three leading solutions, including Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security, which they commit in order to deliver relevant results in real-time, irrespective of how much data they have. He also shared more on service insight, machine learning, and investigation by explaining the anomalies in context, smart baselines, root cause analysis, log analytics, timeline investigation, and alert management. 

Besides, he also covered the roadmap, which includes the dedicated observability rules view, dedicated observability alerts view, alert details, observability cases view, and alerting rules. He ended his presentation by pinpointing why leading organizations rely on Elastic’s Data Intelligence Platform, True full-stack Observability with AI and Cloud Advantage, and traditional wide-spectrum approaches.

Scott Goh-Davis, APAC Head of Solutions Engineering from Atlassian, shared his knowledge and experience in Atlassian’s Cloud Migration by explaining the Atlassian Cloud ROI drivers: Elevate IT Impact, Reallocate Your Resources, and Governance/ Control. He further emphasized how organizations migrating from Jira Software Data Center to the Cloud realized developer productivity gains of 20%, which also induced the acceleration of team productivity, collaboration, data and insights, automation, and extensibility. 

Furthermore, he also added what a migration to the cloud looks like – Cloud migration lifestyle (Assessing, Planning, and Prepping for Migration), Your account team (Atlassian resources for a smooth migration), ROI proposal (a rough look at your 3-year value horizon). He ended his presentation by explaining the cloud migration lifestyle.

The final sharing session was conducted by our Application Development Manager, Leonard Winata, who shared his knowledge of the Cloud Migration Journey with our attendees. Throughout his session, he highlighted why now is a good time and walked us through the cloud migration journey, from assessing, planning, preparing, testing, and migrating to launching. 

He further explained our experience – Time needed for Migration, Common Migration Pitfall and the key takeaways – Access your Option, Prepare your Battle, Test your Strategy, Pre-Migration and Aftermath. Leonard concluded his presentation by explaining how iZeno, Asia’s first Atlassian Cloud specialized partner, can accompany you on your cloud migration and cloud journey.

Adrian Fonseca
APAC ITSM Head of Channel @Atlassian
Muhammad Fahad
Senior Project Manager @iZeno
Ajay Kushwaha
Director of Solutions Architecture @Elastic ASEAN
Scott- Goh Davis
Head of SEA, APAC @Atlassian
Leonard Winata
Application Development Manager @iZeno

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