On May 11, in Kuala Lumpur, iZeno and their esteemed partners Atlassian, Okta, and SonarSource held a knowledge-sharing event. The event revolved around the theme of “Atlassian’s ITSM, Cloud Migration, SonarSource’s Clean Code, and Okta’s Identity Platform.”

The objective of this gathering was to provide attendees with an opportunity to explore the significance of ITSM and Cloud Migration in driving business value for organizations. Furthermore, the event highlighted how the Atlassian ITSM tool could enhance collaboration between Dev, Ops, and Business teams. Additionally, the attendees were given insights into why Sonar’s Clean Code is an integral approach and how Okta’s Identity Platform supports IT modernization.

To kick off the event, a panel of distinguished experts shared their insights with the audience. The panel included Mark Edwards, Atlassian’s Principal Partner Technical Architect (ITSM) for the APAC region, Muhammad Fahad, Senior Project Manager from iZeno, Hazel Mah, Enterprise Account Executive from SonarSource, Andre Dharmawan, Senior DevOps Engineer from iZeno, and Marcus Guan, Partner Solutions Engineer from Okta.

During his presentation, Mark Edwards provided an overview of Atlassian’s IT Service Management (JSM) platform. He started by discussing the reasons why Atlassian was recognized as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Platforms. This recognition was a result of Atlassian’s mission to provide organizations with a single platform that connects development, I&O, and business teams.

Mark also explained how Atlassian’s approach to service management considers the flow of work in an organization, leading to better team collaboration and visibility. He then highlighted the importance of Modern Operations and Modern Support, which focus on managing changes without introducing risks and empowering every team to be a service team, respectively.

Furthermore, Mark discussed Jira Service Management, which provides outstanding services for all teams from one platform, and shared success stories of Atlassian’s customers after implementing JSM. He concluded his presentation by discussing the features of Virtual Agent and Atlassian Intelligence, that add value to customers.

During the event, our Senior Project Manager, Muhammad Fahad, gave a presentation on High-Velocity ITSM and shared some case studies. He started his presentation with a Jira Service Management Demo Overview, highlighting the benefits of Unified Help, High-Velocity Operations, Streamlined Changes, Learn, Share, and Improve.

Fahad then went on to share two use cases. The first one was about IT support and how the Atlassian self-service portal can help deflect, free up agents to focus on mission-critical tasks and improve the end-user experience. The second use case was about High-Velocity Operations, which offer complete visibility of issues, fast recovery, facilitated learning, and unified service teams.

He also explained how iZeno helps its customers accelerate Operational Excellence and Business Agility with Atlassian. He ended his presentation by discussing the User Onboarding Service Request, Service Management with Asset Management & CMDB, and Spin up a new environment provisioning request with Automation and Change Enablement in DevOps. As the first Atlassian ITSM specialized partner in APAC, iZeno is well-positioned to help organizations kick-start their transformation journey and put their ideas into action.

Hazel Mah, Enterprise Account Executive, opened her presentation by introducing Sonar and its customers. She then delved into the concept of Clean Code – code that is fit for both development and production – and explained why teams should aim for a clean code state. The benefits of this approach include reducing operational risks and time to market, improving cost efficiency and maintenance resources, increasing software development velocity, and encouraging the motivation and growth of developers.

Hazel concluded her presentation by sharing a customer success story in which Sonar helped streamline static code analysis and improve code quality and security for a global technology powerhouse’s manufacturing execution systems using SonarQube.

During the event, Andre Dharmawan, Senior DevOps Engineer from iZeno, presented his knowledge about the Cloud Migration Journey. He explained why now is a good time for cloud migration and provided a step-by-step guide for attendees, covering the assessment, planning, preparation, testing, migration, and launching stages.

He also shared his experience and knowledge about the time needed for migration, common migration pitfalls, and key takeaways such as accessing options, preparing for battle, testing strategies, pre-migration, and aftermath. He ended his presentation by highlighting how iZeno, as Asia’s first Atlassian Cloud specialized partner, can help organizations with their cloud migration and cloud journey.

During the final sharing session, Marcus Guan, Partner Solutions Engineer from Okta, shared his insights on Workforce Identity and Customer Identity. He focused on the challenges that modern IT faces, such as security threats, limited visibility, and complex governance, and how Okta can help address these challenges by centralizing identity, enabling strong authentication, managing contextual access, reducing attack surface, and ensuring rapid response to compromise.

In addition, Marcus also explained the Okta Workforce Identity flow and highlighted that Okta serves over 17,000 global customers. His presentation provided valuable insights for those seeking to understand the benefits of identity management in the modern IT landscape.

Mark Edwards
Principal, Partner Technical Architect (ITSM) APAC @Atlassian
Muhammad Fahad
Senior Project Manager @iZeno
Hazel Mah
Enterprise Account Executive @SonarSource
Andre Dharmawan
Senior DevOps Engineer @iZeno
Marcus Guan
Partner Solutions Engineer @Okta

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