Want to improve Customer Experience (Cx) through intelligent self-service and quicker Handling Times across multiple channels? Need to Improve customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by empowering Agents with relevant context-sensitive information at their fingertips? If yes, then the iZeno 360 Hub is what you’re looking for!

iZeno 360 Hub

iZeno 360 Hub brings the most seamless solution yet, to modernise Contact Centre for businesses in all types of industry. With the integration of SugarCRM and Amazon Connect, customer support is powered with intelligence and agents are able to deliver timely support.

Sugar CRM – A single version of the Truth

Sugar is a complete CRM product that collects critical information across sales, service and marketing. Maintaining Customer 360-degree views in Sugar CRM and referencing this single version of the truth across multiple touch points provides for seamless customer experience as they progress through their individual journeys.
From introductory conversations to negotiations, from complaints to complaint resolutions, every moment of customer interaction everything that affects your ability to service the customer and to provide more relevant products or services for them can (and should!) be captured or recorded in an organization’s CRM system.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a contact centre as a service (CCaS) solution that offers easy, self-service configuration and enables dynamic, personal, and natural customer engagement at any scale.

Together, you can Manage your Customer Call Experience at any Scale 

The Sugar CRM and Amazon Connect integration automates customer lookups, screen-pops, and record creation. The following diagram outlines the typical inbound and outbound call scenarios.

+ Moobidesk

Adding the Moobidesk component to the iZeno 360 Hub solution provides a true omni-channel experience where agents can seamlessly communicate across multiple channels from a single conversation view available within the Sugar CRM application.

Moobidesk integrates all the essential communication touchpoints such as WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email, Facebook, Instagram and many more channels into one platform.

Broadcast Messaging: Instantly send bulk messages to your customers about your latest promotions, events, reminders, notifications and more.

Artificial Intelligence: Option to turn on the customer support chatbot to serve up answers automatically, and easily handle all the simple, repetitive questions so your team can focus on complex cases that require more time to solve.

Contact Management: Centrally organize and manage all contacts. Moobidesk has all the right tools from importing contacts to tagging customers for easy segmentation. Get a complete picture of every customer, including interaction history, notes, preferences and more to engage effectively with them.

Powerful Metrics: Better understand your chat activity, customer satisfaction and agent performance at a glance.

API: Easy integration of Moobidesk into your current products, systems or applications using our powerful yet simple APIs.

Available on Mobile: Moobidesk is available on the App store and Google Play store, so you can communicate with your customers wherever you go.

“Using the power of Amazon Connect with Sugar to bridge the gap between the call centre and the rest of customer-facing employees will be valuable for SugarCRM customers. I’m excited to see businesses adopt the iZeno 360 Hub integration to deliver more seamless customer experience.”

Mark Weitzel, Sr. Director of World Wide ISV Alliances for SugarCRM

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iZeno is the Elite Partner of SugarCRM

iZeno is the only Elite Partner of SugarCRM in Singapore, with over 
10 years of success implementation and delivery.

We work with companies & organisations to build a 360 overview of their customers (internal and external) and optimize their sales, marketing and support processes using SugarCRM and also integrates with many other solutions such as Hootsuite, Moobidesk, Zendesk, Atlassian, Xero and legacy core systems to drive business outcome.

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