On the 8th of July 2021, iZeno alongside our partner – SugarCRM and AWS (Amazon Web Service) hosted a webinar. The theme of this webinar was ‘ The Next Generation of Customer Experience’ Webinar. The objective of this webinar was to enlighten attendees about the importance of digital transformation adoption on businesses and the combined power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SugarCRM, and the benefits of applying automated systems to pioneering innovations to propel the business forward.

The event opened with Solution Consulting Director, Adam Frank from SugarCRM and Partner Segment Lead, Productivity Applications, Simon Burke from AWS. Adam and Simon presented in a conversational way which leading questions within the interactive presentation. They discussed the challenges of business to adapt to a digital environment and how automated systems help in conducting business effectively. They shared insights, guidelines, and case studies to illustrate the strategy to be applied as part of the journey to digital platforms adoption.

Lumina Health’s case study was selected to illustrate the whole picture of digital transformation in business. Adam and Simon have discussed 25 challenges which are categorized under 3 benchmarks – Blind Spots, Busy Work, and Road Blocks. When it comes to the ‘Blind Spots’ on business challenges, it reflected the problems that often to be neglected. Adam and Simon emphasized that understanding customer needs and customer experience is a higher level of engagement. In this case, Sugar Markets artificial intelligence help to define the customer interest with interest indicator and enable the team to determine the indicator of true interest with prediction details.

Besides, ‘Busy Work’ is definitely one of the challenges that affecting the productivity of the business. Switching between multiple applications and creating many individual campaigns can be very challenging for the marketing team. This is where digital platforms help businesses gather all the information and provide the most accurate data to increase productivity. Additionally, the task of generating sales proposals is always a top bottleneck in the sales cycle. It often takes time for sales representatives to compile and deliver quotes to customers. In order to facilitate this sales cycle, Sugar Document automation can help to generate ready documents. With just one click, it will be merged automatically in all the line items with accurate calculation, product details, and services.

Last but not least, the ‘Road Blocks’. Business processes can be very confusing at times. With remote worker, it’s hard to make sure if a team have the right tools to do the right things. In this situation, Sugar has filled a role to facilitate automate processes and manage a common business process, reduce errors, and speed up processes. Also, Adam and Simon highlighted that the communication method one of the areas that have significantly transformed during the past year. Companies have to adapt to their customers’ preferred methods of communication. In order to facilitate multiple channels of communication, Sugar Live and Amazon Connect help by enabling web chat and digital voice channels. This platform by Sugar Live and Amazon connect allows companies to achieve more availability, integrate digital touchpoints, and improve customer experiences.

Adam Frank
Solution Consulting Director @SugarCRM
Simon Burke
Partner Segment Lead, Productivity Applications @AWS (Amazon Web Service)
Watch the on-demand session here:

On-Demand Webinar: The Next Generation of Customer Experience

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