IT service management (ITSM) is an activity of implementing, managing, and delivering IT services to meet the requirements of an organization based on best practices. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one of the most commonly implemented best practice framework for ITSM. From small to enterprise organizations ITSM help, improved customer satisfaction, quality of services, governance, flexibility, agility and reduce the IT costs and risks. However, due to legacy ITSM solutions, IT teams face challenges to manage their tasks, collaborate, and service.

Legacy ITSM Pain Points

1. Lack of self-service and difficult to customize
2. Lack of visibility due to data silos
3. Lack of innovation
4. Lack of coordination within teams
5. High support costs
IT Landscape must change over time. Legacy technologies need to be replaced, and IT
needs to start using new solutions to meet business needs. We call it digital transformation
of services and applications.

When most organizations think of a “service desk tool”, they picture incidents and service requests only. Problem and change management typically require separate modules (or even separate tools), and the integrations are usually far from seamless. Instead, iZeno approaches ITSM based on the needs of the project and making it easy for IT Teams collaborate in real-time.

With this project-based approach, organizations have a single solution where teams can work on the type of issues they care about with their own workflows, data schemas, screens, SLAs, and reports while giving end-to-end visibility to IT management. There’s no additional learning curve and no cobbling together of modules. You can create projects that tie incidents to problems, and to change requests. A project allows for a logical division of data and processes to help IT teams stay organized.

Incident management

Returning service to normal as quickly as possible after an incident, with little to no negative impact
on the business.

Service request management

Ensuring that customers have easy access to the IT services (and information, equipment, advice, etc.) they need to get their jobs done.

Change management

Ensuring that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes (to code, infrastructure, configurations, services, etc.) in order to minimize the impact of change-related incidents on service quality.

Problem Management

Preventing problems and resulting incidents from happening, eliminating recurring incidents, minimizing
the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Knowledge management

Gathering, analyzing, storing, and sharing knowledge
and information to improve efficiency.

Jira Service Desk is at the very heart of our approach to ITSM. Jira Service Desk has everything to facilitate IT, teams. It facilitates service requests, incident, problem, and change management. It is the most collaborative service desk in the market. It offers smarter self-service, next level automation, and collaboration.

Users within an organization or customers can submit requests via the self-service portal. Machine learning will intelligently recommend the right service.  Agents can automate everything including tickets routing, severity notifications.

Help customers help themselves

Self-service happens when your customers discover helpful information. Add Confluence to Jira Service Desk and make it easy for your customers to find the help they need with automated knowledge base suggestions.


Stay in the loop with developers

By linking Jira Service Desk with Jira Software, IT and developer teams can collaborate on one platform to fix incidents faster and push changes with confidence. With this, you can get rid of the root cause of problems before they escalate.


Automate those repetitive tasks

Is your team stuck in gear with repetitive tasks or missing priority requests? Setup automation so your agents can focus on solving the important stuff and help lighten the workload.

Confluence is a content collaboration software that changes how a modern team works. Confluence gives teams the power to create everything like meeting notes, project plans, FAQs, KB, and requirements. Easily create a space for each team, department, or project to share information and keep everything aligned and organized.

Use a structured hierarchy of all the spaces, pages or articles and search engine to find all work easily. Leave feedback on work with comments. For ITSM, Confluence is a place where service teams create customer-facing
FAQs, internal how-to books and troubleshooting guides.

Work in one place

Create a space for every team, department, or major project to share knowledge, information and keep work organized. Use a structured hierarchy and a powerful search engine to find work quickly and easily.


Feedback in context

Leave your feedback on the work itself with inline, page and file commenting on any Confluence page. No more wasted time trying to find feedback trapped in your email or chat thread.


More than just text

Confluence gives you the power to create anything and everything, from meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, and more. Include multimedia, dynamic content, and make your work come to life.


For ITSM, Status page is a tool where IT teams can communicate. Any downtime, connection issues, and third-party service disruption can be displayed at one dedicated status check dashboard for the whole company. With Status page, IT teams can reduce the volume of tickets.

Better Communication with Incidents

Incidents are prominently displayed at the top of your page for your visitors to see right when they arrive, and they have easy access to subscribe to further updates via email or SMS.


Status for each part of your service with Components

Modern systems are made up of many different functional pieces, and listing each service separately helps you more accurately communicate the status of your application or infrastructure.


Inform users about future Scheduled Maintenance

Do your users a favour and let them know of scheduled maintenance well in advance of it actually happening. Scheduled maintenance is displayed right on your page and we even send email/SMS reminders ahead of time to those who opt-in.


Learn how to scale Enterprise IT without Complexity:

With years of experience of best practices in implementing, managing, and delivering IT services, iZeno puts forth a value proposition to implement Atlassian software with new or existing platforms so enterprises can optimize output and achieve faster time-to-market.

iZeno is now Atlassian’s Silver Solution Partner

iZeno, with proven expertise in DevSecOps, Agile Development, and Service Management, has joined the Atlassian Solution Partner Program as a Silver Partner. iZeno provides certified consulting, implementation and training services for the Atlassian product suite for different industries across the globe.

Atlassian’s Solution Partner Program levels recognize the depth of expertise and experience with Atlassian products. As a Silver Solution Partner, iZeno is considered as a consulting firm in a niche market with specialized knowledge and an approach that can help in your DevSecOps journey.

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