Google Cloud Certified Experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand

Google Cloud Partner

As a regional Google Partner, iZeno team experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to help clients get started by conducting discovery workshop for Users (business and IT) and administrators. Building, deploying, and scaling applications is faster and simpler on a fully managed development platform. iZeno and Google Cloud Platform help organizations from managing infrastructure to allow organizations to focus on building amazing applications that engage and delight their users.

Our Focus

Kubernetes Engine
Data Analytics

Google Cloud Difference

Unlock the value of your data
Full range: from traditional DBs to serverless
innovations and industry-leading Machine Learning

Best Place to Deliver Modern Apps
Build new apps or modernize existing ones

Build on a future-proof foundation
Global network, Google-grade security, Simple and easy pricing
Global network, Google-grade security, Simple and easy pricing

Bring Together the Best of Google
Google Workspace and Maps

Google Cloud Platforms

Drive and Sheets
Integrated with BigQuery

Drive and Sheets
Integrated with BigQuery

Build Geo-aware apps using Maps API

API Management

High-quality custom machine learning models

Cost-effective multicloud data warehouse

Google Cloud Data & Analytics

Application modernization

Start with the data-driven baseline assessment and promote faster, secure software development with our tailored set of proven DevOps practices and open-source-based application platform and tools. Google Cloud’s application modernization solutions help to innovate faster while lowering costs by offering a consistent development and operations experience and industry-leading tools and guidance.

Hybrid and multicloud application platform
Cloud-native application development
Application migration
API management
Mainframe modernization

Data Analytics

Fully managed, multicloud analytics platform empowers everyone to get insights while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Use real-time insights and data apps to drive decisions and innovation.

Data warehouse modernization
 Data lake modernization
Stream analytics
Business intelligence
Marketing analytics

Google Cloud Regions