We know deciding to overhaul your current IT Service Management (ITSM) software solution can be complicated, and sometimes a tough sell to your boss.

We’ve got good news, a new report provides data making Jira Service Desk even more attractive to the higher-ups and the bottom line. Introducing: the Economic Value Validation report by ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group), one of the leading industry research and analyst firms. ESG analyzed the benefits of Jira Service Desk based on interviews with customers (who’d previously used a different solution) as well as ITSM consultants.

ESG’s product validation process involves industry analysis, research, and technical/economic validation. They compared Jira Service Desk to other ITSM solutions (like ServiceNow) and we’re pretty happy with the findings. We think you’ll be impressed.

Here are takeaways from the study:

Productive support teams lead to happy customers

Out-dated, complex tools slow down support teams. This is both costly and a terrible customer experience. ITSM tools should help companies “shift left” and reduce the cost of support. Shifting left means moving high-cost service delivery channels to lower cost ones like automation and self-service. A rule of thumb is the closer the support is to the first line and the customer, the faster and more cost-effective it is.

ESG found customers using Jira Service Desk were able to shift 45% of their level-one tickets to self-help (at a savings of $22 per ticket), and shift a total of 25% of all tickets at least one category to the left. The bottom line: increased self-service by 45% and reduced overall ticket resolution time by 40%.

A customer said, “If you make processes easy, people will use them. If you make them hard, people won’t. Jira Service Desk makes it easy for people to find answers to their problems and eliminate tickets.”

Better collaboration equals better delivery

As software innovation becomes integral to every company’s success, IT organization’s skills, processes, and tools are being reorganized to support software delivery. Practices like DevOps are top of mind for IT teams. Development, IT and support organizations need to work in a fluid and collaborative way breaking traditional silos of ownership. An ITSM solution bridging these teams will be more important than ever.

The ESG report identifies the substantial value of the Jira platform. As Jira Service Desk is built on the same platform as Jira Software, developers familiar with Jira Software can easily extend the tool and scale to fit the growing needs of the business.

Customers reported, “We benefit from our support team and development team being on the same platform and speaking the same language. Tickets are resolved faster with Jira Service Desk.”

Time is money

Jira Service Desk saves you both. According to the ESG report, Jira Service Desk is more cost-efficient than other full-service ITSM platforms. Customers reported reducing ITSM costs by up to 80%. The report also found significant value in Jira Service Desk’s transparent pricing model, which doesn’t rely on discounts that eventually expire. The simplicity of the pricing model allows companies to focus on solving business problems, not negotiating contracts.

Based on interviews, ESG learned how much customers appreciate the initial simplicity of Jira Service Desk in providing the features that matter. One customer shared “So many of the extra tools that we had with other solutions were not very valuable to us. They would take so long to configure, and take so much work to get them to the point of being useful.”

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