Why now is the best time to think about adopting Data Center solutions

There are a host of options for deploying Atlassian products in your company, one of them being as single server applications. Whether they are deployed on a physical server, in a virtual environment, these
deployments consist of an application server running one of the Atlassian products like Jira, Bitbucket, or Confluence alongside a database.

While the single server installation is great to get started with, we know that many of you experience challenges when trying to keep your systems ahead of your team’s growth. Without a long-term plan, managing your infrastructure and administering your Atlassian products can become costly and time-consuming. This is where the Data Center editions of Atlassian products come in. Data Center gives you the product functionality you’re already familiar with additional benefits that we will explore below.


Here’s how Data Center can help your organization scale Atlassian’s products:

Deployment Flexibility

Our customers have many different requirements when it comes to deploying and managing our products. You can deploy Data Center editions of Atlassian products behind your firewall using a variety of technologies like VMWare or you can run it on IaaS like AWS to reduce administrative costs whilst maintaining control over your data.

This makes it easy for you to deploy Data Center on AWS by providing QuickStart guides and CloudFormation Templates that provide instant deployment and auto-scaling for our Data Center applications. For example, auto-scaling with AWS allows you to automatically add a fourth node in AWS when the first three nodes are getting close to threshold without intervention from an administrator.

High Availability

Today, in software development, IT, or nearly any technology or knowledge worker field, your team’s time is its single most precious resource. Because of this, any amount of downtime can be incredibly expensive. Data Center editions of Atlassian products decrease downtime and make sure that your teams are not impacted by a single component failure.

While clustering in Data Center gives you failover in the case of a single node failure, what happens when there is a site-wide failure? With Data Center’s disaster recovery, you have the ability to failover to a standby node with a replicated database and file store if your primary location power or network fails. In either scenario, Data Center makes sure that things continue running without impacting your team’s ability to work.

Performance at Scale

The single server architecture limits how inbound traffic is handled by your instance. Any request coming in, whether it’s a normal interaction through the UI or through an external integration, is funneled to the same server and processed along with every other activity – including administrative work like indexing or upgrading performance

With the Data Center, you can increase throughput by adding more servers to your cluster to handle the load. Rather than continuously trying to scale your single server further, you can add more and more nodes as your teams grow and then distribute load across multiple nodes to optimize performance. By distributing each type of activity to different nodes, you can separate and manage external integrations from normal internal usage activity, while also managing administrative tasks in parallel.

Authentication and Control

As our products become more mission-critical to your users, it’s important that you focus on standardizing
and controlling how your end-users access and use these systems. For access control, Data Center offers SAML 2.0 support, which allows you to use your existing identity provider for authentication. Not only does it simplify and help you ensure compliance with your company’s security policies, but your users don’t have to remember (or forget) multiple passwords.


Atlassian continues to invest in these four primary areas as it continues to serve customers whose solutions are critical to their business. It’s sometimes assumed that Data Center is only for the largest deployments, but Data Center solutions are not just about scale. Any customer where Atlassian’s products are mission-critical to their organization can greatly benefit from the flexibility and stability that Data Center provides


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