Conversational AI

Conversational AI is poised to become a competitive differentiator, especially in the current business landscape. While the concept of AI is not new, recent advances have enabled innovators to evolve AI into a technology that can truly recognize the nuances of human conversation, interpret their meaning and act on them.

A voice chatbot is a conversational agent that can interact with customers via voice calls. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and provide responses. Voice chatbots can improve customer satisfaction by providing quick, accurate, and convenient customer service.

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Key Benefits:

Conversational AI Delivers Support 24/7

Arguably the biggest selling point for conversational AI is round-the-clock customer support. Investing in conversational AI enables your organization to provide customers with quality support after business hours and during public holidays.

Conversational AI Helps Reduce Churn

By attending immediately to customer queries and support requests, as well as actively categorizing queries and sending them to the most appropriate department, conversational AI accelerates the support journey. By reducing customer churn, conversational AI also improves an organization’s bottom line
through customer loyalty.

Conversational AI Transforms Support Centers Into Revenue Hubs

Conversational AI deployment in customer support will enable organizations to leverage smart AI agents for customer acquisition and retention, as well as conversational commerce campaigns.

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