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What is H20

H20 is an open-source machine learning platform featuring the most widely used statistical & machine learning algorithms such as generalized linear models, deep learning and many more. H20 also has industry-leading AutoML functionality that automatically moves through algorithms and hyperparameters to produce a list of the highest performing models for its users to leverage.

Key Benefits >

Open Source Community

H20’s community of 12,000 organisations and 129,000 individuals means that it’s easy to find information or custom processes regarding a large variety of issues, topics, and applications of the product itself.

AutoViz – Exploratory Data Analysis for Big Data

AI AutoViz automatically creates data plots based on the most relevant data statistics to help users understand data before starting the model building process. Better understand the composition of extensive data sets and see trends or possible issues that could impact modelling results.

Faster and easier AI development at scale

H2O supports training, testing and model versioning so that data science and business teams can work together to bring models from data science to production in minutes, not months compared to legacy solutions.

H20, A revolution in open source AI

H20 Driverless AI can be best described as a “Data scientist in a box” since the program utilizes a multitude of the same techniques that expert analysts use whilst retaining a simple interface for ease of use. This way both experts and juniors can benefit from the computing power and automation that H20 provides.

Automatic feature engineering and model building

Feature engineering is the secret weapon that advanced data scientists use to extract the most accurate results from algorithms. H2O Driverless AI employs a library of algorithms and feature transformations to automatically engineer new, high-value features for a given data set. Included in the interface is an easy to read variable importance chart that shows the significance of original and newly engineered features.

Unlimited Expandability

Data scientists can extend the Driverless AI platform by uploading their own models, transformers and scorers as a custom recipe. Bring-Your-Own recipes or use the examples built in the open and curated by the data science community. Driverless AI treats recipes as first-class citizens in the automatic machine learning workflow.

H20 Solution Partner

Advanced Open Source Analytics with H20 AI

H20 AI is an open source machine learning program aimed at providing users with an accessible program that does not compromise speed or accuracy. At its core, it is a platform that aims to make machine learning accessible to users by providing powerful tools that can be utilized without extensive modifications and analytics experience. Our experts can tailor H20 to suit your needs and provide the essential training to get your staff started.