On the 24th of June  2021, iZeno alongside our partner – Atlassian hosted a webinar. The theme of this webinar was ‘ Successful Atlassian Cloud Webinar. The objective of this webinar was to enlighten attendees about Atlassian Cloud Migration and it’s unique features.

The event opened with our Atlassian Cloud Migration expert, Andre Dharmawan delivering the first session on preparing for cloud migration, the challenges and ways to avoid the challenges. Andre discussed the benefits of the Atlassian Cloud Migration with support of  successful cloud migration case studies. He shared the guidelines of cloud migration and demonstrated strategies to be applied while performing cloud migration.

Scott Goh-Davis delivered the second session on Atlassian Cloud Features. Scott shared valuable insights about migration to Atlassian Cloud. Scott discussed about Atlassian Cloud Offerings, how it meets the organization’s expectations and outline the future roadmap to give a clearer idea of what’s Atlassian building. He further shared information on how Atlassian Cloud brings organizations the best experience with industry grade security and reliability.

Andre Dharmawan
SE @iZeno
Scott Goh-Davis
SE Manager @Atlassian
Watch the on-demand session here:

On-Demand Webinar: Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration

Read more at https://www.izeno.com/wordpress/atlassian-practice/

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