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Funeral is the final Journey for a man in this world, where he or she leaves their beloved to reach eternity. CRM can make that final journey smooth. SugarCRM have been extensively customized to manage the Funeral Services Process. Funeral Services for the following religion are addressed too.

• Buddhist
• Taoist
• Roman Catholic
• Christian
• Free Thinker
• Bai Yang
• Soka
• Others

As part of the Funeral Process, the following stages are defined in the System.




At various stages, people with different roles gets involved to complete the above cycle.

Following are the Roles involved in the system:

1. CSO at the Inquiry Stage.

2. Consultant at the Consultation Stage.

3. Operations at the Execution and Set up Stage.

4. Consultant at the Visitation Stage.

5. Operations and Consultants at the Funeral Activities stage.

Inquires are received and address by the CSO and recorded into the system. The inquiries are classified based on the discussions and is address appropriately by the CSO.

CSO then informs the Consultant to take the inquiries further. Consultants will suggest Funeral Service Packages with standard set of Services or Customer can also choose from A’la carte.



Once the consultations is completed, the packaging and operation team takes over and prepares the “Sending Order” and “Consignments” and delivers them to the client’s location. The Entire setup is completed till the actual Funeral including management of Transportation.



All the services offered during the Funeral Process, various vendors and suppliers are involved. SugarCRM helps to track these information as part of the inquires.




Finally, once the funeral service is completed, the feedback from the client is collected and that info is fed into the system.

One of the important features is that the System is accessed via Mobile devices like phones and tablets as the consultants are always on the move. SugarCRM enables them to update the system so that the back end team involved in the process is updated periodically.