by Mariano Luna

We are living in an exciting world. Anyone with a credit card and an idea for a project can build a data centre in a matter of minutes. Today’s world is about efficiency and TIBCO Jaspersoft paired with Amazon Web Services brings you just that.

When we launched Jaspersoft for AWS in early 2013, we disrupted the industry by bringing a modern, embeddable reporting, dashboarding and ad hoc analytics framework to the Amazon Marketplace that starts at <$1 hour. That’s right, all that power for far less than what you pay for your morning latte.


We followed up with the latest DevOps tooling that AWS offered and were the first product to embrace AWS Marketplace’s new complex deployment feature which relies on AWS CloudFormation templates to create resilient HA instances of JasperReports Server.

Today, I am happy to announce enhancements to this great service which already has 2000+ customers on AWS. As our customer base grows, we keep hearing about how our customers need to keep up with growth; the more people that adopt the great analytics Jaspersoft enables, the more they need to scale their cloud architecture and protect it from failure with clustering and high availability. To meet this demand, Jaspersoft 6.3 for AWS is equipped with infinite elastic scalability and Multi-AZ. Built using AWS Marketplace’s Complex deployment features, Jaspersoft now gives you an awesome auto scaling cluster architecture at the push of a button.

Words don’t do this cool new feature justice. Take a look at this short demo to understand the power you can unleash with only a few clicks. Ready to try it yourself? Go to the TIBCO Amazon Marketplace and start scaling today!