I’m very excited to share that TIBCO has acquired Alpine Data, the makers of Chorus, a modern cloud-based data science platform designed to orchestrate analytics across hybrid data and compute environments and enhance collaboration and project management for data science teams.

This is great news for our customers who are deriving amazing insights by applying data science and advanced analytics to solve business challenges across every industry. Today, many organizations struggle to manage the ever-growing and ever-evolving potpourri of advanced analytic tools and solutions within the market. Alpine will play a critical role in TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence strategy by strengthening our award-winning analytics portfolio with the following capabilities:

– Collaboration and project management for data scientists: Alpine provides organizations with a modern, social collaborative environment for data science projects. It enables data scientists to bring together and communicate with the broader analytics community, including data engineers, business professionals, business analysts, IT, developers, and executives, to collectively address business challenges and opportunities.

– Orchestration for data science engines: Alpine creates a unified view of advanced analytics and compute engines like Statistica, TERR, Hadoop, Spark, and others, orchestrating analysis and data pipelines across hybrid environments. It helps organizations reduce analytical and data movement bottlenecks, and increase agility and flexibility by bringing the analytics to the data across disparate environments.

– Purpose built for the cloud: Alpine offers data science teams a web-based authoring framework for analytic and data pipeline workflows, complementing TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Cloud Platform.

For those of you not familiar with Alpine, it  was founded in 2010 and was one of the first pioneers to enable advanced analytics and data science on Hadoop and other big data sources. It can run big data analytic workflows natively within Hadoop, on-premises, or in the cloud. It supports open source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, MADlib, and MLlib.

Alpine enables broad access to data and tools while providing the governance demanded by organizations. Now, part of the TIBCO family, organizations can scale advanced analytics across the business, accelerate innovation, and infuse algorithms everywhere.

This acquisition fits will within TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Platform to connect all data, people, APIs, and analytics to enable better decisions and faster, smarter actions with a modern cloud-based data science platform.

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