• Is your company always too slow to react to business events?
  • Is the data that you are getting to analyze always a few days or weeks late?
  • Do you have a lot of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) but are not currently leveraging that data to bring you the real-time business insights?

These are all challenges faced by legacy data analysis systems, but with TIBCO StreamBase and TIBCO Spotfire, you can now quickly build applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives. Furthermore, TIBCO Spotfire makes real-time predictive analytics easy, consumable, and accessible for everyone right from the user interface. This means that its fast and easy for everyone to get value out of data —whether you’re just getting started with analytics or an expert, there’s something for everyone

But how does this all work?

StreamBase is designed for the requirements of high performance, real-time streaming applications. In essence, StreamBase implements a unique stream processing engine named “StreamBase Server” and rather than the traditional method of storing, indexing and then processing data, the application then processes the data in flight. This data is processed by StreamBase Server in real time, using preset logic. Results are delivered as they are produced, nearly instantly

With Spotfire’s data Streams, you can access multitudes of data sources to visually analyze what’s happening and compare them with any other data to build on the context. Additionally, each step you take is auto-recorded on the data canvas as a sharable item.

In essence, StreamBase uses proprietary software to allow for the analysis of large data sets in real time. Spotfire can then be used in conjunction to visualize this data set for a shareable and easily digestible display


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