Executive Summary

Having been SugarCRM partner for more than a decade, iZeno takes pride in the capability and the scalability of the product. Without hesitation, with more than 2 million users who are currently using the product, the product has shown its quality, not only to the small and medium corporations, but also to the larger enterprises.

As per 2019, SugarCRM has come into a long way from the open-source origins to become the enterprise-worthy solutions for various touch points of customer relationship. The product has won the PC Mag Business Choice Award for four consecutive years and trumped more than 97 other competitors to obtain the award.

Introducing Sugar 9: Fast. Flexible.

Earlier this year, the Sugar community was informed with a great milestone with the release of Sugar 9. This release represents the company’s commitment to provide delivery of new innovations for both cloud and on-site customers.

Fahad Naseer the Project Manager of iZeno, believes that Sugar has done a great job in this release. “In Sugar 9, there are many new features that will help companies to accelerate their business. Having worked with Sugar for 10 years, I can see that the system has improved significantly,” he said.

Kristopher Haryadi, the Project Team Lead of iZeno, is very contented with the latest release of SugarCRM. “I can’t wait to share the good news to my clients. Sugar 9 is not only fast, but also equipped with so many enhancements such as more automations, better collaborations, and SOC2 compliance. It also retains its flexibility so we can do a seamless integrations with other systems”, he added.

On the other hand, Francis Pineda, Principal Software Engineer of iZeno is pleased  with the product’s compatibility and support for new platforms. “Sugar has now added support to many platforms, including PHP 7.3, Windows Server 2016, IIS 10, and SQLServer 2017. This brings greater flexibility for deployment in different environments”, he told.

What Makes Sugar 9 So Great?

In this article, Team iZeno shares three key benefits of upgrading or switching to Sugar 9. The three benefits are:

  1. Performance Improvements
  2. SugarBPM (Formerly Advanced Workflow) Updates
  3. Reporting Enhancements

Performance Improvements

As users increasing proficiency in using CRM applications, system performance may become the limiting factor restricting further productivity increase.

With Sugar 9, API performance has been optimized. Measurements by Sugar show improvements in List View performance of up to 700% with large datasets. Application throughput also has improved. Sugar expects that Sugar users can process up to 70% more transactions on the same hardware.

Figure 2: Application Performance Comparison (SugarCRM, 2019)


Previously known as Advanced Workflow, the rebranding to SugarBPM™ Automation Suite comes with many new BPM features such as Enhanced Process Termination Settings and Improved Administration of Business Processes with Tags.

Figure 3: Sugar BPM

Reporting Enhancements

With the number of re-usable reports quadrupled, there is a higher probability of finding a suitable stock report as a starting point that can be used as-is or as the basis for custom reports. This reduces the time required to create a report and users can view the best practices for CRM reporting and be more data driven while managing their sales and support operations.

New scheduling capabilities also allows user to conveniently distribute reports to entire teams.  The reports can now include a ton of new visualizations, helping to make informed decisions backed by data.

Figure 4: Sugar Dashlets, Powered by Sugar Reporting


If you are looking for a CRM System which offers countless possibilities, Sugar 9 may provide a significant performance increase and productivity increase towards your organisation. To ensure a smooth implementation of Sugar 9, look for an Elite Reselling Partner to develop a custom-built solution to meet your company’s unique requirements. iZeno is a SugarCRM Elite Reselling Partner in Asia with extensive expertise and experience in implementation of CRM applications. From banking to manufacturing industry, iZeno will be able to help your digital transformations.

About iZeno

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