While each of our clients has unique needs regarding their CRM systems, most, if not all cases follow a general set of steps from initial contact to the eventual launching of our client’s new CRM system. To give you a clearer picture of our operations, we’ve written a rough guide to the overarching process that we take so you can learn a little about our practices.

Our process generally consists of the following steps:


Consult and understand requirements

Even before we begin our procedure, we take note of all our client’s requirements. This lets us form a prototype system relevant to our client’s industry type. Our prototype is then shown, demonstrated and feedback is taken.

Just like car dealers let buyers test out cars, our review and demonstration sessions serve to instill a sense of ownership of the system to our clients. We want users to be continuously involved in the process to ensure that the final product is perfectly suited to their needs, wants, and requirements.

Receive feedback 

After looking at our prototype, users may realize more features that they wish to have or would like an alternative view of the interface in terms of rearranging segments or removing unnecessary fields. Business analysts also have a chance to introduce supplementary features relevant to the client’s industry.

All of this is recorded in our functional document and the dance of adding, editing and removing features continues until we have ensured that everything is suited to our client’s wishes.

Functional document finalization 

Once all requirements and features are set, we finalize the functional document for stakeholders to view and appraise. At this point, our developers begin to code the instance according to the signed functional document and the final iteration of our client’s CRM system begins to take form.


One of our final steps is to provide extensive training to ensure that our client can use their new system. Once users are comfortable with the system, we have test scripts that allow our clients to test the functionality of the system- this lets them explore and better understand how their new processes work.

SIT is also conducted to test on system integrations if there are any needed.

System launch

Our final steps involve migrating data from existing systems and the official launch of our product.


From the start to finish, we work closely with our clients so that we can ensure that everything meets or exceeds user expectations. Our process starts and ends with our customers, thus, we are confident that the products we provide the best possible solutions to our client’s needs.

About iZeno

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