Manufacturing CRM and PLM

Maximize your market presence

Since the inception of globalisation, many manufacturing companies have scaled marketing to end customers through a network of dealers operating in the local market. Today, the market is again disrupted by the rise of e-commerce platforms, enabling you to connect directly to your customers.

This shift means that processes such as marketing, customer service and opportunity management have now become more important aspects of operations. An efficient CRM system can assist with the management of customer services, letting you focus on more important matters.

Key Benefits

More accurate demand and supply predictions

SugarCRM allows users to make smarter predictions with more accurate data by giving real time information to assist in the forecasting of demand and supply projections.

Full system integration capability

Take hold of information across a wide variety of sources through Sugar’s integration capabilities and aggregate sales information as well as distributor feeds to ensure nothing is missed.

Accurate macro level information feeds

Sugar’s macro capabilities let users easily identify gaps in coverage whilst streamlining the collection of multiple data sources to assist in the decision making process.

Maintenance activities 

CRM provides Scheduling features, wherein the maintenance activities are available on the Calendar. The schedules can be auto-assigned to Subject matter expert/technicians based on the Skill Set. Additionally, the system helps to generate the Job-Sheet which will contain the previous Service History and the details about part replacements.

Smarter Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing companies often have a complex web of supply chains which involve demand generators, material specifiers, fabricators and distributors to supply their product to the market. SugarCRM can step in and untangle the complex supply chains in order to reduce prep work and enable users to be more aware of each project and order. To this end, Sugar provides real-time integration with other applications to ensure nothing is missed.

Integrated Demand Forecasting

Manufacturing businesses need clear signals from the sales, marketing and service teams to ensure that the right amount of product is being produced. Thus, the challenge with this method of demand planning is that the groups with the best perspective on incoming demand are the most distant from the process. Demand plans created by the supply or finance teams are more similar to “supply” plans and are often biased towards the needs of the individual team. Efficient manufacturers utilize their CRM solutions to assist in the implementation of an effective forecasting methodology for the front line of the business, taking accurate input from the sales, marketing and service teams. .

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

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Our certified SugarCRM consultants can assist your IT team in training, implementation & Configurations according to the industry Best Practices.