CRM for Insurance Customer Service Team

Challenges faced by the Customer Service Team in the Insurance Space

Insurance companies providing property, life, protection and health insurance solutions have tons of their customer data in different systems, but it is very challenging to get these data into the hands of the customer service agents in a single view- those who need it the most – and they are the ones who directly interact with the customers and have the most profound impact on customer experience.

No historical data was accessible in a single window with respect to interactions across multiple channels. Multiple windows on the customer service agent’s desktop were a common sight. The agent had to move from one window to another, wasting his/her time before getting the information he/she is looking for.  

Service requests were required to be escalated manually for paper-based verification and approvals before processing.

Data with respect to different policies and claims status along with in-process service requests/complaints had to be extracted from different systems, which was time-consuming and, at times, a conflicting status due to pending updates and synchronization.  

Search by a single parameter would throw disparate results in different systems to which the agent has access.

On-demand data extraction and dashboard creation for different reporting requirements and views used to be a tedious task due to multiple systems used for policy, claims and servicing.

 Recording, routing and processing of simple service requests used to take time, like updating customer contact information across multiple policies and in-process claim requests.  

Customer information was not complete and spread across multiple systems. To search for info or triggering a service request would take time for the agent and increase wait time (frustrating the customer on hold).

Solution: Customer Services CRM for Insurance Companies based on SugarCRM

In response to these challenges, insurance companies can consider the implementation of the SugarCRM Customer Service Management solution.

The solution allows the service agent to see the case details in a single view. 

Details such as:

  • Policy details
  • Case dispositions
  • Customer information
  • Escalations to the back-office functions
  • Resolution from the back-office functions
  • Communications with the customer through Email and SMS
  • Internal communications
  • documents received from their customers
  • inbound/outbound calls history
  • the related cases

Integration of the CRM with various back office systems provides the information that the service agents need to understand the customers and serve them better and faster. The customer service agents can easily find customer/policy information by a single entry using the customer name, email address, phone number, policy number (life) or member id (health).

Case Management

Includes Record and track Customers’ Inquiries, Service Requests, and Complaints from various touch points like Phone Calls, Walk-in, Email, Social Media and so on in a single platform.

First Call Resolution

Empowering agents with the information they need to answer the inquiry from customers during the call itself. 

The information ranges from the CRM internal Knowledge Base and External Knowledge Base, and all the information about a customer policy is available within a single platform. So that the Agents can answer the inquiry from the customer in the first call without having needed to escalate the case to the back office. This surely reduces the time to resolution and creates a happier customer.

Case Escalation

A case is automatically escalated to the related back-office function based on the selected ticket dispositions. 

This will save the service agents a lot of time to figure out to which back office function they need to escalate a case to.

The back office team can work, provide resolution and complete the escalated task for the ticket. This allows collaboration between the Customer Service Team and Backoffice Team to provide resolution to customers faster.

Performance Dashboard

Measure the performance and productivity of a service agent or team through reporting and charts on the dashboard at a glance.

Time Measurement

Measure and track the actual time to resolution and response against the SLAs to respond and resolve a case. This allows the manager to see how their team/agents are performing in resolving the case and how many cases have breached or met SLAs.

Auto Case Creation

Auto case creation from inbound email and through APIs integration with other customer touchpoints.

Knowledge Base Management

CRM’s internal knowledge base can also be integrated with external knowledge base management with Atlassian Confluence integration. The knowledge base management empowers the Agents with answers to FAQ, the company’s procedures for claims, policy servicing, the guided scripts and announcement of new procedures or policy.

STP of Service Requests

A Straight-Through-Processing is a function to enable the Contact Centre to perform a change to a customer policy from within a CRM without manually updating the core system.

The STP service requests include:

  • Change beneficiary (Change Beneficiary is the non-financial transaction of a life policy that allows customers to change the individuals who will receive the benefit in the event of insured person’s death).
  • Change payment mode (from Cash to Credit Card and vice versa).
  • Change personal details (email address, phone number, residential address).
  • Fund Switching (financial transaction of a life policy that allows customers to switch the unit/amount of their fund to another fund).
  • Fund Apportionment (financial transaction of life Policy that allows customers to re-allocate the percentage of their next premium payment to certain fund/s).
  • Top Up Single (financial transaction of a life Policy that allows customers to increase his/her investment value on a certain fund/s).

360 Degree View

List of policies that a customer has, tickets, calls, walk-in, Email & SMS communications.

Improve Communication

SMS and Email communication and notification to customers in the various stages of a case.

Integration with Survey tool for instant customer feedback on a resolved case.

Business Outcomes

The agents are able to deliver a Faster Response using the Single platform with policy information. This allows the service recovery team to investigate the complaint faster and potentially reduce the call duration by 20%.

Seamless integration with back office systems to provide Customer 360 and Policy 360 view. The systems integration includes a core insurance system, document management, PBX/IVF, SMS gateway, social listening tools, survey tools, customer portal and loyalty systems.

Manual efforts to deliver analytics and reports can also be reduced by 50%.

Operations will be streamlined with automated case escalation to the back office functions and automatic communications to customers in various stages of a case.

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