Luxury Retail Engagement Platform

Establish Strong Customer Relationships

The first step of a well-established customer relationship happens even before customer steps into the boutique. This can be done by reaching them via an email campaign or even inviting through certain VIP Events (product launches or VIP dinners). By using SugarCRM, users are able to filter customers with the highest percentile of spending value, create customized email invitations, and track RSVP and attendance on the event day itself.

Key Benefits

Deliver a Targeted Customer Experience

Utilize CRM to give your salespeople the customer information needed to nurture personal relationships and deliver the value that your customers desire

Track User Interactions Across All Channels

Sugar gives users the ability to create, modify and track customer profiles across a range of different sources. This way you can keep track of a a customer’s interactions at each touch point.

Give Staff the Tools Needed to Drive Performance

With Sugar’s mobile capabilities, boutique floor staff can take hold of extensive customer data on the fly. Know exactly what a customer is seeking before they even step into your stores

Event tracking

Event preparations can be tedious, however, SugarCRM’s efficient dashboards give marketing personnel the tools needed to manage budgets for events, campaigns and as well as the ROI of these efforts.

Sales clientele department

Success is the result of good preparation. When a marketing or sales initiative is successful, audiences generally look ways to learn more. This eventually leads attendees to the physical boutique itself, at this point the customer relationship can be further developed.

This is where mobility is an important factor for users. Instead of relying on desktops or laptops, boutique staff can use the mobile app to access customer data and visitor information. This gives users an unparalleled ability to deliver a targeted customer experience that preemptively acts on customer data.

Post sale support

The utilization of CRM does not stop when a customer purchases a product as companies often accept repair cases. By using SugarCRM, users will be able to know when the product was purchased and whether it is still covered under warranty.

Regardless, Sugar is also capable of producing repair forms which can be eventually sent to the customer via email. Moreover, once the repair has been completed, users can send an automated email or SMS notification to the customer.

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner for the past 10+ years, iZeno team of 30+ certified SugarCRM experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & the Philippines can help you get started by conducting discovery workshop for users and administrators, recommend the appropriate SugarCRM subscriptions (Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Market, Sugar Professional or SugarCRM Enterprise Editions) for your business.

Our certified SugarCRM consultants can assist your IT team in training, implementation & Configurations according to the industry Best Practices.