The MENDIX Low-Code Platform

iZeno Mendix Practice

Recognized as the Mendix‘s Partner, iZeno team of certified Mendix consultants based in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines can help you get started by conducting discovery workshop for key stakeholders and users, through Agile methodology, recommend the appropriate user stories, workflows, design architecture and solution infrastructure.

Our certified Mendix consultants can assist your IT team in training, implementation & configurations according to the industry best practices.

Our experienced certified experts can also customize, integrate and even optimize your Business Process for any industry such as banking, insurance, healthcare, logistic, retails, higher education, manufacturing, etc. iZeno Support engineers also offer enterprise managed support services with SLA and system health check on your Mendix deployment.

Check out this White paper to explore more about Transformational Value: What Every Financial Services Firm Should Know About Low-Code.

Benefits of Low-Code

Low-Code Platform is a technology that allows users with no coding experience to develop applications with ease. Without the need for coding skills, Mendix offers visualized software (a graphical user interface) to develop complex business solutions.

Easy Drag & Drop Functions

Work faster and Reduce workload redundancy

Flexible to change to answer fluid business needs

LOW CODE – Build apps 10x faster with 70% fewer resources

Not only are you developing with fewer resources, but you can also deliver applications 6 times faster than with traditional development. Developing with 70% fewer resources means reducing the number of meetings and handoffs, as well as the time spent waiting on other people to complete their tasks. Quick iterations with the business remove the need for extensive upfront documentation and requirements, visual modeling is a lot faster than manual coding, and one-click deployment means no waiting on other people to deploy your app.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION – Digitize processes with end-to-end automation

You can build end-to-end, consumer-grade applications that can automate the full process and address the necessary system or data integrations to make it all work for large-scale process automation, bypassing the common workflow barriers, including:

MOBILE DEVELOPMENT – Build cross-platform apps for any user, device, and operating system

Build browser-based progressive web apps (PWA), sophisticated native iOS and Android apps, and responsive web experiences all on a single platform. Mendix enables enterprises to deliver native device features and rich user experiences while leveraging the latest mobile technologies. 

Develop, test, and deploy mobile apps for all devices, browsers, and operating systems on a single platform. 

Developers without mobile experience can create exceptional mobile apps, while experienced developers can extend those apps with custom coding for maximum openness and extensibility. 

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Deliver compelling experiences across all digital touchpoints

Change the way you develop applications, and you change the way your organization enters the Customer-first Era, by delivering amazing CX via:

ENTERPRISE APP DEVELOPMENT – Accelerate all phases of the app development lifecycle

Mendix helps IT overcome resource and system challenges to accelerate the application development lifecycle, with features and capabilities including:

LEGACY MODERNIZATION – Extend, migrate, or replace your core systems

CLOUD – Public, private, and hybrid clouds 

DATA INTEGRATION – Integrate data and logic from any data source, system, or service 

Mendix’s Data Hub is The World’s First Low-code Integration Platform.

The Data Hub Catalog is an open, standards-based metadata repository that enables all users—professional and citizen developers alike—to discover data within their connected data ecosystem. 

Also, using Data Hub Connectors, you can connect Data Hub to non-Mendix data resources and populate their metadata into the catalog. 

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About Mendix

Mendix is a high productivity app platform that enables you to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. The Mendix Platform is designed to accelerate enterprise app delivery across your entire application development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and operations.

Mendix enables you to implement both Agile and DevOps best practices. It even goes beyond that by involving business stakeholders in the actual development of the applications.