Single Sign-On

Update an overlooked system

Unsuccessful password attempts often lead to an arduous recovery process that could have been spent on productive tasks instead. Single Sign-On systems eliminate the bulk of time people spend trying to log in by granting access to all the services they require in one password.

Key Benefits >

Free up helpdesk staff

An estimated 30-50% of the total requests that a helpdesk receives are requests for a password reset or access to a particular application. Disregarding labour costs, the repetitive task of resetting passwords takes time from service staff that could otherwise be spent in more important tasks.

Increase Efficiency/Productivity

Unsuccessful password attempts often lead to an arduous recovery process. Multiple logins only compound this problem further, i.e. increasing the probability of the user forgetting the appropriate validation details. All this time could have been spent on productive tasks instead.

Take control of the customer experience

Single Sign-On technology helps in making the user experience more fluid and efficient, reducing helpdesk costs, and providing a much more secure alternative to traditional multiple login systems.

Steamline your sign in processes

The Red Hat Single Sign-On solution is based on the Keycloak open source project which lets you secure your web applications by providing SSO based on standards such as SAML 2.0. Enjoy a secure system that handles a wide range of accounts and be confident that your login is protected.

Handle multiple login systems

The Keycloak server can act as a connect-based Identity Provider, mediating with your enterprise user directory or SSO provider for identity information and your applications via standards-based tokens. It features identity management and access management that is also robust enough to handle openID providers such as Google, Facebook, Github, StackOverflow and many more.

Integrate seamlessely

Keycloak is highly extensible and scale-able, allowing users to use integrate code to allow users with SSL certificates from legacy systems to migrate, letting you use legacy databases as identity sources in your new system.

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