Hybrid Cloud Systems

Diversify your data storage solutions

Enjoy complete control over your data

A hybrid Cloud system combines public and private systems to store data through the use of public enterprises alongside an in-house data center. With this in mind, Red Hat’s solutions work in tandem with existing operating systems, apps and many more to ensure that users can enjoy unmatched reliability. This method offers the advantages of both storage types in a single entity whilst letting users manage their systems and data however they wish.

Key Benefits >


Enjoy the advantages of both interior and exterior storage systems, have control over how you store their data without having to balance multiple providers.


Businesses using a hybrid system can protect sensitive information by controlling exactly how data is stored or accessed. By implementing security on their own terms, users have more control over their security.


By having the freedom of choosing where to store their data, users have better control of where to allocate resources in order to optimize spending and setup efficiency.

Avoid the pitfalls of a rigid system

Hybrid cloud systems give users the ability to control the storage of their data and avoid the pitfalls that come with a wholly external or internal storage solution. External providers reduce operations and maintenance costs but run the risk of breakdowns while in-house solutions are generally more reliable but carry high operational costs.

Choose the best setup for your needs

For most businesses with on-premises technology systems or investments, a hybrid architecture is a crucial part of cloud implementation but updating older systems takes time and resources. This makes it important to choose an efficient provider that can help update legacy systems to reduce the need for expensive investments in new hardware. Our expertise with hybrid systems of all scales means that we can work with you to a greater degree to find what solution fits your needs.

Flexibility for the future

No matter how well you plan to meet today’s needs, unless you have a crystal ball, you won’t know how your needs might change next month or next year. A hybrid cloud approach lets you match your actual data management requirements to the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises resources that are best able to handle them.

Integrate effortlessely

With Red Hat’s solutions, you can integrate the public cloud swiftly whilst still getting extracting value from your existing investments and systems. Red Hat’s platforms and solutions work reliably in any environment. This lets you add the capabilities of public cloud to your current infrastructure effortlessly.

Red Hat Advanced Solution Partner

Red Hat Advanced Solution Partner

As an advanced partner of Red Hat, iZeno aims to promote and advocate the use of the vendor’s technologies within the enterprise environment across Asia, offering consulting and implementation experience for the providers’ platform, AppDev and automation solutions. iZeno’s expertise lies in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions that incorporate best practices in digital transformation (DX), customer experience (CX) and DevOps, enabling enterprises to continually drive innovation around people, processes and technologies.