Wealth Management CRM

Efficient relationship management through CRM

The importance of building and maintaining successful client relationships is more critical than ever to the bottom line. Legacy CRM systems lack the flexibility and usability to cope with dynamic business requirements and growing client expectations. Sugar® empowers teams to deepen client relationships by consolidating fragmented market information from a wide variety of internal and external data sources

Key Benefits


Sugar provides managers with strategic client insights including KPIs and SLAs, as well as service gap detection and growth opportunity identification.  Maintain and execute key account plans by aligning the right resources to the client’s needs.


Sugar facilitates high-velocity client communication through dynamic, intelligently prioritized call lists with streamlined data capture. You can also create your own dynamic call lists in seconds making managing critical tasks quick and painless.

Empowering Organizations

Sugar integrates seamlessly with a variety of systems and data sources to provide real-time information on market movements. By integrating Sugar with a charting engine, you can configure a watchlist of stocks and correlate this with client data in a single dashboard.

Enhanced customer experience

To gain a competitive edge in today’s economic climate it’s no longer enough for investment banks to simply manage their clients, you have to engage them. Unlike traditional CRM systems, Sugar is designed to empower individuals with the insight and flexibility they need to make every client relationship extraordinary. Our innovative, adaptable, and affordable platform is helping capital markets businesses create new revenue streams, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, and increase client satisfaction.

Regulatory compliance

Stringent regulatory requirements for investment banks include keeping track of how clients are serviced. Given the volume of interactions, compliance can be cumbersome to manage. Sugar can capture conversations with clients quickly without disrupting or impeding the interactions. Sugar’s Advanced Workflow engine allows you to easily model, automate, and monitor a wide range of business processes across the front, middle, and back office including conflict management, onboarding, and deal execution. Sugar’s easy-to-use visual interface gives you complete control over how you track the capture of information.

Comprehensive client view

Sales traders need to provide timely service to their clients based on investment preferences and risk appetite. But outside of the largest clients, it’s hard to gauge who will be affected by market fluctuations and to alert those people in real time. This lack of agility results in dissatisfied customers and lost revenue. Sugar makes it easy to quickly identify, prioritize, and engage clients based on changing market conditions, and to develop a personalized plan based on strategic insights.

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner for the past 10+ years, iZeno team of 30+ certified SugarCRM experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & the Philippines can help you get started by conducting discovery workshop for users and administrators, recommend the appropriate SugarCRM subscriptions (Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Market, Sugar Professional or SugarCRM Enterprise Editions) for your business.

Our certified SugarCRM consultants can assist your IT team in training, implementation & Configurations according to the industry Best Practices.