Healthcare CRM

CRM for healthcare practitioners

Implementing SugarCRM enables healthcare organizations to replace its customer relationship management processes with an on-premise, CRM solution that meets its global business needs. SugarCRM has broken down data siloes, enabled sales and marketing to become more effective at managing accounts whilst gaining increased profit overall for their users.

Key Benefits

Efficient Prospect Managmeent

Manage prospects more effectively, give your team members the tools needed to capitalize on new opportunities and move them through adoption process seamlessly

Greater Clarity

Sugar’s dashboards give practitioners a more complete picture of customer histories, enabling them to maintain relationships more effectively and know exactly what actions are needed.

Improved collaboration between marketing and sales

Use CRM collaborate and manage accounts, reducing duplicate efforts or opportunities falling through the cracks.

Generate and Keep Track of Patient Records

Sugar can be tailored to produce and keep track of electronic records to facilitate the check-in process, patient’s visits and billing all the while taking into account their health or life insurance policies. Integrate with the existing Hospital Information System and clearly display these records to improve responsiveness and reduce the need for tedious record keeping.

Automated processes

SugarCRM’s ability to be customized helps minimize the time wasted on manual processes or any delays in care by automating previously tedious processes like appointment scheduling. This way users can leave lengthy routine tasks to the system and focus on more important matters.

Stronger practitioner and patient relationships

Sugar promotes better relationships between healthcare providers and patients by maintaining a complete profile of the patients for the doctor and that of the attendants for the patients. The information of the patient is kept confidential and made visible only to those authorized.

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

iZeno is the only Elite Partner of SugarCRM in Singapore, with over 
10 years of success implementation and delivery. We work with companies & organisations to build a 360 overview of their customers (internal and external) and optimize their sales, marketing and support processes using SugarCRM and also integrates with many other solutions such as Hootsuite, Moobidesk, Zendesk, Xero and legacy core systems to drive business outcome.