Success Stories

Implementation of Atlassian Solutions for Global Insurer

Our client’s system development process was inefficient and carried out manually, resulting in little documentation or communication.

New Credit Reporting Solution for One of Indonesia’s Largest Banks

Our client’s legacy analytics and reporting processes were largely inefficient which led to misunderstandings and unacceptable lags in decision-making.

Sales Management Automation for Global Hospitality Group

As a result of operational inefficiency, our client was unable to effectively cross-sell their properties despite their global presence.

Customer Service Platform Modernisations for Malaysia’s largest public services pension fund

Our client was outgrowing their current CRM solution and was seeking a system that encompassed the entire range of tasks related to providing financial services and customer support.

University Sweetening Student Relations via SugarCRM

Our client’s preexisting CRM had a lot of limitations that inhibited their ability to perform efficient operations such as an inability to handle student requests.

Global Smartphone Company Delivering a Superior Customer Experience using SugarCRM

Our client’s legacy in-house CRM solution contact center only supported voice-only contact and did not fit their global support model.

Boosting Agent Productivity Using Red Hat Single Sign On (SSO) and Customized Agent Portal

Our client’s teams are required to log on to multiple applications when developing a Policy, resulting in wasted time as the agents have to go through multiple levels of authentication.

Secure Global Demand with Intelligent Insights

Our client faced a rising demand that was not being captured in real-time, hence risking losing opportunities to their competitors.