Deploying SugarCRM to Improve Customer Satisfaction For A Global Smartphone Company

Our client is a global smartphone manufacturer with a presence in 30 countries. The initiative is to replace the existing in-house customer support tool to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved customer service.

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Replacement of Legacy CRM with limitations

  • The in-house CRM solution provides for voice only support and does not fit the global support model.
  • No PBX integration
  • No chat and email customer support channels
  • Call centre agents cannot process multiple support tickets concurrently.

Orchestrate Customer Journey and Deliver Customer 360 View

Automate Case Routing and Escalation Processes

Deliver business insights to make smart decisions

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Modern, Intuitive and Process Driven CRM Platform for Global Rollout

Replacing the legacy decentralized helpdesk system used by 1,500 agents, SugarCRM provides its users with a single customer view, supporting workflows and seamlessly integrating with existing systems, 3rd party vendors (Couriers, Payment gateways, LogMeIn) and multiple telephony systems (Avaya, Cisco, Aspects). As a result, users can deliver a superior customer experience by mapping the customer journey to support processes and enabling agents with knowledge base and insights.

100% cloud deployment power powered Amazon Web Services increases performance, scalability and sustainability.

  • Provide an integrated multi-channel support solution (voice, chat, and email)
  • Knowledge Base integration
  • Integrate with existing order fulfilment system
  • Payment processing through payment gateway.
  • Device Shipments through UPS
  • Customer Survey integration (email and IVR)
The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

How did our client achieve their business objective?

  • Call centre has capacity to service multi-regions
  • Integrated solution maps global rollout strategy
  • Full integration with fulfilment order system
  • 360°view of the Customer support requests
  • PBX integration performs initial Customer lookup for improved Agent handling times