Sales Force Automation

Automate your sales processes

SFA programs provide automatic workflows that allow users to streamline and automate segments of the consumer journey to let them focus on more important tasks such as chasing leads and closing deals. By automating certain routine tasks, users can ensure that the sales pipeline progresses smoothly.

Key Benefits

Greater visibility into sales performance

With our sales CRM, personalized dashboards to give sellers a central place where they can track and monitor their activities, to-do’s and metrics against defined KPIs allowing users to easily check the their progress and performance.

Leverage AI driven tools to enrich analysis

Capture your audience’s needs by tracking previous purchase history, future potential and other helpful information. Keep customer records up-to-date and duplicate-free with AI driven tools and duplicate checks.

Maximise productivity wherever you take it

Maximize productivity and usage with access to a world-class CRM optimized for mobile and tablet devices. While on the road, users can access all of their data to stay on top of every deal, look up or update information and never miss a moment.

Experience enhanced ease of use

Our CRM implementations can be elegantly tailored to each users unique ways of working across devices to allow for flexibility and efficiency when performing manual processes. Custom solutions allow for increased productivity as well as enhanced decision making.

Stay up to date with your workflow

The CRM workflow clearly outlines what actions, milestones and activities need to be completed next so nothing is missed. Our solutions provide a clear view of what actions, activities and milestones need to be completed so that users are always aware of any developments.

Deliver robust quotes easier

Sales CRM enables businesses to manage and deliver robust quotes more efficiently than ever through dynamic product catalogs. Drag and drop line items into quotes and dynamically group, reorder, apply discounts. Build accurate, multi-currency invoices and quotes efficiently and easily.

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner for the past 10+ years, iZeno team of 30+ certified SugarCRM experts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & the Philippines can help you get started by conducting discovery workshop for users and administrators, recommend the appropriate SugarCRM subscriptions (Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Market, Sugar Professional or SugarCRM Enterprise Editions) for your business.

Our certified SugarCRM consultants can assist your IT team in training, implementation & Configurations according to the industry Best Practices.

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