ITSM Endpoint Suite

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) service that provides device management and application control for organizations. It is integrated with the Microsoft Graph API, which is a unified RESTful API that provides a single endpoint for accessing various Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and more.

By integrating Microsoft Intune with Atlassian Jira Service Management (ITSM), we can create a more efficient and streamlined IT environment, improve collaboration among IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) team members, and enhance visibility into your organization’s device and application management. This unified ecosystem can help your organization better manage projects, devices, applications, and policies, ensuring a secure and compliant IT landscape. This ultimately results in improved overall security.

MS Intune offers device, application, policy, user, and group management capabilities and gives better visibility overall about any compliance and security risks. 

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management offers a collaborative approach for the ITSM and ITOM teams to track devices or applications ownership, link Request, Incidents, Problem or Change tickets with Configuration Items (CIs) and manage devices actions (Wipe, Retire, Reboot, Shutdown, or Remote Lock), and track compliance.

iZeno and Logicalis’ solution provides enterprises with:

  • Streamlined IT operations, device management, application deployment, and improved service delivery.
  • Streamline incident management by providing visibility into device and application data, making it easier to diagnose and resolve issues.
  • Automate the approval and provisioning processes, ensuring that requests are handled efficiently and according to organizational policies.
  • Maintain a centralized repository of articles, guides, and troubleshooting information related to device management and applications.
  • Improved efficiency, reduced manual effort, and assurance that policies and procedures are consistently applied across the organization.

The solution enables users to access Jira Service Management on any device without compromising IT security and offers enhanced security, automated device management, and self-service capabilities.

Discover more in our video about our joint solution with Logicalis, unveiling the ITSM Endpoint Suite—a robust solution designed to streamline the management of team projects, devices, applications, and policies within a unified ecosystem.

To learn more about our ITSM Endpoint Suite solution and how it can benefit your organization, please get in touch with us.


iZeno is an Atlassian platinum solution partner.

iZeno, with proven expertise in DevSecOps, Agile Development, and IT Service Management, has joined the Atlassian Solution Partner Program as a Platinum Partner. iZeno has demonstrated the highest standards of certified consulting, implementation and training services for the Atlassian product suite for different industries across the globe. iZeno is honored to be the winner of Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020 for Emerging Market and Partner of the Year 2019 for Rising Star APAC. iZeno is also the first partner in Asia to achieve Cloud Specialization and the First Partner in APAC to achieve ITSM specialisation.