University Sweetening Student Relationships using SugarCRM

Student Relations (SRL) has a new ally in SugarCRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) system that has greatly enhanced frontline operations

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Preexisting Legacy CRM Limiting Our Client's Capabilities

Our client’s preexisting CRM had a lot of limitations that inhibited their ability to perform efficient operations. Some of the most pressing issues are reported below:

  • Does not have the full visibility of student requests and their activities
  • No proper classification of student request for reporting purpose.
  • Difficult to track escalated issues.
  • No centrally managed database system to enhance collaboration
  • Users spend much time and effort in creating manual reporting using excel.
  • Emails not tag to leads/contacts which make it difficult to make references to their requirements/enquiries.
  • User is not able to effectively track the conversion rate of marketing activities into sales opportunities.
  • Leads from events like Open House cannot be easily follow up as the users are not able to associate events to leads.
The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Implement a Modern, Intuitive and Process Driven CRM Platform

  • Integration with computer telephony system to ensure personalized student services.
  • Consolidated cases from different sources. (Email, Call-in Walk-in)
  • Gain a complete view of student service request history.
  • Centrally manage and share all student cases issues.
  • Auto capture of email description to allow quick create of case.
  • To enable tracking of escalated issues.
  • Understand frequency of incidents based on issues or department to improve service quality.
  • Alerts to be send before breaching of SLA.
  • Send html email for student survey.
  • Report generation to analyze problems.
The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

How did our client achieve their business objective?

  • Create a sense of relationship and reinforce brand loyalty with Students who seldom contact the University directly.
  • Quickly and effectively resolve customers issue.
  • Consolidate the issues and assessed it. Correction and improvement can be made  before it impacts more Students.


“Some students are pleasantly surprised and flattered that we know who they are without them telling us,” says SRL Executive Celine Ong. Yes, that’s one clear benefit – student callers are identified before calls are picked up. The system also makes case management a breeze by automatically generating complete service request histories so callers don’t have to repeat themselves. SRL staff are now in a better position to follow up with students. As Celine puts it, “we no longer have to go to two different databases to check case history, as there is a central registry that covers both phone calls and emails.”