iZeno's Data Warehouse Modernization Empowers Bank BRI Digital Banking (BRIMOLA)

PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Tbk. (BRI) is one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia. The Bank was established by Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja on December 16, 1895 in Purwokerto, Central Java. With over 120 years of experience, Bank BRI manages millions of customer transactions non-stop 24/7 through service facilities spread across the country.

How to create a data ecosystem that can support multiple scenarios for streaming data. Where the size and variety of data sources is one of the challenges faced. Also the complexity of the data transformation and visualization adds to the quality of this project. Which can then be used to reduce the effort and cost of operations so that the team can focus more on business processes.

Data warehouse modernization is the most appropriate solution to meet these needs. Where stream and batch processing with several tools at Google have provided evidence in several existing use cases. Also in terms of security and capability of Big Query as a guaranteed data warehouse because it is directly maintained by Google so that customers can focus more on developing and processing data.

From the implementation that has been done, it produces a solution that is robust in terms of infrastructure, security, and data credibility. Where customers can have real time data for data analysis to help business processes, develop and create appropriate applications, and improve operational performance. The biggest advantage of this data processing solution is the operational effort improved.

“This solution, which has gone live in production, has a significant impact in terms of operational effort and performance. Only seconds needed for processing and updating data compared to last year where all need to be done manually. Obviously this is directly proportional to more optimal work for the team so that they can focus more on improving business rather than issues and technical needs.”

Ajutorius Pinem, Department Head of Digital Banking Operation, Bank Rakyat Indonesia

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