Efficient CRM for Malaysia's largest public services pension fund

Updating the existing CRM systems of Malaysia’s largest public services pension fund.

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

The company wanted to have its CRM system upgraded as the current system did not meet their needs moving forward.

The organization was outgrowing their current CRM solution. They were seeking a system that encompassed the entire range of tasks related to providing financial services and customer support. Additionally, the solution also had to be scalable enough to keep up with possible updates and changes in the future, thus, KWAP needed a robust system that encompassed their entire range of activities.

Our Approach:

Improve the Backend Service Team

Rework The Existing Feedback System

Implement new CRM and provide training

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

Higher Turnover when Anticipating Customer Needs.

Changes in the areas of Customer Service Case Management included improvements in the Backend Processing Team, Quality Management Systems, Query Team.

Our CRM solution was configured and implemented with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and performance of the workforce.  The changes we made were numerous. For example, changes in the areas of Customer Service Case Management included improvements in Backend Processing Team, Quality Management Systems, Query Team.

We re-worked KWAP’s online feedback system. We replaced the company’s in-house applications, which had become ineffective, with new ones, integrating them with the new CRM system. Our professionals installed the CRM system of the latest generation; set it up and configured it.  In addition, our experts provided training for the company’s employees, as well as maintenance and support of the system.

The Challenge / Our Solution / The Results

How did our client achieve their business objective?

How did we assist our client in achieving their objectives?
  1. Centralized CRM Solution
    The new centralized CRM system proved to be more secure and efficient than the previous one.  It allows the designated team members to take particular actions, so that the transactions are now more protected.
  2. Empowering staff and understanding the customer journey
    Now each team member knows their tasks, the status of each of these tasks, and what should be done to improve the performance.The company’s improved Customer Service Case Management systems, as well as online feedback systems, are now able to deal with customer’ queries quicker, resolve their problems faster and store the data related to them longer. Consequently, the brand increased its credibility, proved to be a highly reliable service provider and became more popular with customers. Multiple systems were united into one SingleCRM, which helps to deal with customer support better.
  3. Getting the Most Out of CRM
    With new CRM, reporting became much easier: Centralized Report function was implemented.
    The Online Feedback portal can now provide feedback in real time.
    Collaboration platform ensures closer ties between Back-end teams and user interfaces. The Query Team will come to rescue if additional info is needed or some document goes missing.Auto Case creation function based on Queue number was integrated with QMS Kiosk. If an ID is not found, it will be created for each customer who is not retired. Auto Case creation based on incoming calls was integrated into the Call centre.Round robin technique, applied for assignment of cases, greatly improved the overall efficiency.
    In the new system, profiling of pensioners is done much more effectively. Hourly synchronization between the Core system and live dashboards allows to provide various financial services such as payments, deductions, etc. more reliably than before.
The following Services and Solution that were engaged:
  • Installation, Configuration, and Setup
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development
  • Data Migration
  • Quality Assurance
  • SIT
  • Documentation
  • Deployment & Handover
  • Training
  • Support & Maintenance