Over the last few days, iZeno alongside SugarCRM and Amazon Web Services hosted an event in Malaysia based on the theme of “Accelerating your customer experience”

A Full Audience View


The main objective of our event was to engage our audiences and give insights into how CRM and Cloud can be used to deliver an improved customer experience and our experts delivered presentations on a wide range of topics regarding:

  • CRM and Industry Trends
  • Delivering a Cognitive Customer Experience
  • Cloud-Based Call Centers
  • Customer Experience with Moobidesk and Sugar.


Paul delivering his presentation on industry trends


Our first session was headed by Paul, who spoke about Servitization and the shift from selling products to selling an integrated experience that delivers value in use.

Paul gave an example of how CRM can assist a manufacturing business track its customer’s changing preferences and he expanded by showing how SugarCRM features the tools needed to make this possible. The session was concluded by a segment on how Sugar’s flexibility meant that the use case was not locked to manufacturing and was possible in any industry.


Kenneth discussing Cognitive CX
Our Second presentation was delivered by Kenneth Chong, who presented on how Amazon Web Services features the tools needed to deliver a cognitive customer experience.
Kenneth spoke about how AWS’s software “Cognitive CX” can be used to create a highly efficient contact center that utilizes Machine Learning to accurately analyze natural language that gives users a clear view of their customers at each touch point, leading to greater insights regarding customer thoughts and preferences.


Mark delivering his presentation on Amazon Connect


After a short break, Mark’s presentation was centered on utilizing the power of Amazon Connect alongside SugarCRM to bridge the gap between external touch points such as call centers to the rest of the customer-facing employees of a business.

Mark also introduced iZeno 360 hub and explained how it modernizes Contact Centers for businesses across all industries. 360 hub integrates SugarCRM and Amazon Connect, meaning that customer support is powered with machine intelligence which gives agents the tools needed to deliver timely support



Wee Soon Speaking about Moobidesk Integrations


Our final session was delivered by Wee Soon Hiew and covered how  omnichannel customer engagement is possible through a combination of Moobidesk integrated with SugarCRM.

Wee Soon elaborated on the positive effects of the solution, stating that companies with a strong omnichannel customer engagement retained 89% of their customers on average compared to companies with a weak customer engagement only retaining 33%.


Closing Statements 

Our event was largely successful as we were able to engage our audiences and discuss our solutions regarding the Customer Experience.

We would finally like to thank our speakers Paul, Kenneth, Mark and Wee Soon for sharing their knowledge as speakers. Our event would not have been possible without their support and expertise.

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