Events management through SugarCRM

Automate tedious process and accelerate the events planning process

Streamline the events planning process with Sugar’s ability to aggregate registrant data

Events management is a process to manage large scale events such as conferences, ceremonies, product launches and more. It involves the creation of the event identity, analysis of the target audience, the creation of event concept and coordination with various departments before actually conducting the event. SugarCRM gives users the tools needed to consolidate these disparate feeds of data in one system.

Key Benefits >

Automatic EDM handling

Easily keep guests aware of event information by utilizing sugar’s automatic EDM capabilities.

Audience and guest management

Automatically track registrations and can keep track of customer information in real time.

Efficient post-event reporting

Post event activities typically involve feedback/Survey management. SugarCRM allows the creation of feedback forms that can be sent and recorded with ease.

Pre-Event Activities

Sugar’s campaign management module can be used to send EDM’s, wherein the event admin can create email templates to promote the event. Event Templates can have links that will be directed to the online registration form which can also be integrated to payment Gateways.

The system also facilitates configuration of sessions for events and speakers and Presenters for each track. In addition, event admins can configure early bird offers, discount codes and much more. 

RSVP/Registration Management

An important feature of Event management with SugarCRM is the Online Registration. These forms are dynamically configured by the event admin. Once the forms are submitted by guests, the event admin will be notified on new registrations. The system also sends the guest a summary email confirming the registration.

Another important activity performed by event admin is the sending of the “Advisory Email”. This advisory email contains instructions on how to reach the venue, overall event information can also include car decal information based on the Guest categorization. 

On Day Event Activities

On the day of the event, systems help event coordinators to manage both onsite registrations and track attendance based on tracks or sessions. In the case of offline attendance tracking, the system allows upload of attendance via bulk import features.

Feedback is also captured in the system and can be consolidated via analytical reports using BI tools like Jaspersoft or by using the SugarCRM Reporting engine. The main feature of the feedback management feature is that  guests can feedback only on the presenters/speakers related to sessions attended by them. The feedback links can only be submitted within a specific period and once the feedback is submitted the link will expire.


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