Why Whiteboards?

For distributed teams working in hybrid or remote environments, brainstorming together can be especially tricky. Our customers and own teams heavily relied on online whiteboards while working remotely because they enabled us to collaborate as if we were in the same room. But connecting that “pre-planning” work to “structured” work was not as smooth as we wished.

We saw an opportunity to create a deeply integrated experience for customers by connecting their unstructured whiteboard ideation to Jira and Confluence workflows. Our goal is to help teams move seamlessly across their Confluence pages, Jira issues, and whiteboards in a deeply connected way.

So with Confluence whiteboards, you have a new digital canvas to brainstorm freely, turn ideas into action, and visualize work. Read on to learn more.

Why have Whiteboards in Confluence?

So you may be wondering, why whiteboards in Confluence? Because great ideas come to life in Confluence! Since Confluence is your single source of truth where work gets done. It only makes sense to keep everything in one convenient place where everyone is already working and has the same access.

A whiteboard is worth 1,000 words

Bring all your work together in one view, for every project.

  • Import Jira issues to quickly visualize your tasks
  • Create smart sections to take bulk actions in Jira
  • Embed needed plans and attachments for the full picture

Turn ideas into action

Make work less work by converting your whiteboards into actual deliverables.

  • Convert stickies into Jira issues and Confluence pages
  • Connect Jira issues together to map out work
  • Edit Jira issues and Confluence pages without leaving your whiteboard

Freedom of expression

Brainstorm, collaborate, and diagram on an endless canvas.

  • Collaborate quickly together, in real-time or async
  • Illustrate with stickies, lines, sections, and more
  • Engage teammates with stamps, votes, and timers

The Benefits of Whiteboards in Confluence:

Single Source of Truth

Align teams by keeping your ideas, plans, and tasks connected in one hub.

Access for All

Create transparency by automatically ensuring every team can access information – even brainstorms.

Cost Savings

Consolidate tools with a digital whiteboard at no extra cost. Confluence whiteboards are always included with Confluence.

Start from a template


Develop your creativity and generate fresh ideas with a disruptive visual brainstorm.


Create a safe space for feedback, celebrate wins, and visualize a way for your team to take action and improve.

Prioritization Matrix

Prioritize the work that matters and convert ideas into action, from sticky notes to Jira issues.

Concept Map

Map out ideas, concepts, and projects all within Confluence whiteboards.

Team Formation Guide

Make planning easy by facilitating an open discussion with sticky notes, stamps, and votes.

For further insights into the advantages of our Confluence Whiteboards for your organization, feel free to reach out to us.

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